Playstation 4 Slim: Anybody Still Interested

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It seems like all people are talking about now is the new Playstation 4 Pro but besides the Playstation 4 Pro, Sony also announces that they will also be releasing the slim version of the standard PS4. Will anybody be interested?

The new slim version will be coming in with the same specs as the standard version although the slim version will get one less optical port. Although it is cheaper, would people really go for the slim when they now know that there is a more powerful option out there?

By paying $100 more, you will be getting a new Playstation 4 Pro that will come with 1TB hard drive, double GPU power, improved CPU clock speed and also 4K support. In case you are still interested, the Playstation 4 Slim will retail for $299 and will be offered in most markets on the 15th of September.