New GTA 5 1.06 Features: Pooping In Cars, Sails On Marqis….

The 1.06 update has been rolled out for the GTA 5 Online game. There are a lot of fixes, improvements and additions to the title. One notable fix for the GTA Online is the unlimited money glitch. We can now get some peace knowing that it won’t work anymore.

The 1.06 update also makes it harder to make money since game developer Rockstar imposed a huge pay cut on repeated missions. The best way to make easy money right now is simply doing the Coveted mission which is available on the online menu. On normal mode, the mission will reward you $12000. Do it in hard mode and of course the number will multiply. It isn’t difficult as you just need to kill about 20 dudes around the beach, fly a Cargobob for about 1 minute and give it to the drop zone. The mission is a Rockstar Original so you can replay it as much as you want.

Another feature of the 1.06 update is the Marquis Sailboat. It is the first of its kind in the GTA 5 game and it actually moves with the wind. Makes you feel like a proper sailor.

Finally, the update proves to be more explicit than ever! The introduction of three new vehicles might sound exciting but if looked upon closely (the buggy), there are poop stains on the passenger seats. It seemed that if you drive crazily with a passenger on your side, that companion actually pooped in his pants. While you may get a good laugh out of this, at times, it just seemed disgusting. Check out the image below of the alleged dirty deed!

In case you really think Rockstar went to that much detail with GTA 5 then no! It’s a joke. This screenshot sent in by a reader post the 1.06 update appears to just be the ground texture ‘leaking’ into the car!

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