Microsoft Lumia 950 XL: Why Are People So Afraid Of Windows?

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Some blame the design of the Microsoft Lumia 950 XL for its failure while other commented that it was because if the bugs in the device but most people believe that the main reason why it did not work out was because it was running on Windows.

The design might be bad but it is not the biggest reason why the 950 XL was shunned. As for the bugs, Microsoft got most of them fixed soon after the release and most users have been reporting that the device is now mostly problem free.

Although Microsoft has done a lot to improve the Windows 10, a lot of people still remember how bad the Windows 8 OS was in the past and is worried that they would regret making the switch.

The Windows Store also has a reputation of not having as many apps as the Android and iOS app store which is true but then again, most users are saying that they can find all the apps they need on the store.

Do you think the 950 XL could have done better if people had a better impression of the Window OS?