Mafia 3 Has Overtaken Bioshock Series

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You would be wrong if you think that games like Bioshock and Borderlands would be ahead of Mafia 3 in terms of sales due to their popularity.

Take-Two Interactive has just revealed their quarterly 2K game sales and the game that claim the top spot was actually Mafia 3. According to the report, 2K sold a total of 4.5million copies of Mafia 3 in the first week on sale claiming the title as the game with the most first-week sell-in.

Of course, the numbers are based on the number of units sold to retailers so the retailers might still be holding most of them.

The new Mafia 3 game have been getting some pretty positive review. We are also expecting to see a new DLC for Mafia 3. The DLC will be part of the Season Pass. What do you think of the new Mafia 3 game? Does it deserve to outsell Bioshock in its first week? We sure think so.