Making Money In GTA 5 Online Is Getting Ridiculous

GTA 5 Online has been caused a great deal of issues since micro-transactions were brought into the game. In case you don’t know what this is, it means using real life money and trading it in for money in the game.

This feature is said to be hated by the majority of gamers as they think that it spoils the balance of the game. Since it was updated last being able to make money in the game has become more difficult. Gamers have said that they can spend hours playing and they don’t earn much. They said that they may as well work in real life for money as struggle with the game.

On the Reddit forum a player that goes by the name of Mid_2010 has said that Rockstar may introduce heists into the game and this could make life easier for players. However right now we don’t know when the patch could be released.

OneFinalEffort said that hunting people is one of the best ways to make cash in the game, but this is a somewhat tedious task.

One of the best ways to get your hands on cash is playing coveted missions. People have said that you can earn as much as $12,000 in just five minutes of playing. There are many videos and guides online that show you how to do this.

So it looks like for now gamers are going to have to keep grinding their way to get hold of cash when playing GTA Online.

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