GTA 5 1.06 Patch Sucks! (10 Reasons Why)

The GTA Online is probably the most popular online game at the moment. Adding to that, game developer Rockstar has just rolled out the 1.06 update to the online game. With the addition of new vehicles, clothing and weapons, the update can be mind-blowing. To everyone else, the update seemed to be more of a failure from Rockstar. Here’s why.

Every mission on the GTA Online has its remuneration. If you replay the mission, it is fair to give a lesser payout. However, the new update made the pay cut to be ridiculously low. Now it is so much harder to earn your bread and butter.

The awesome thing about the GTA 5 is the heist. It was great until the update arrive. There are no longer any heists during online play. Even if they do come, the pay is really low. In addition to that, there are no new contacts or cut scenes for you to enjoy. It simply makes the game dull. The update also makes players waste money and time on the JB 700. It isn’t worth mentioning why. If you plan to be a Kingpin, then the GTA Online is not the title for you. You are only limited to 1 apartment and a maximum of 10 car garage.

Another reason is the armour. I mean what is the point of purchasing one when 3 shots will make it disappear? Also, the clothing is getting lame. There are not enough varieties for players to choose from. This goes for the car mods as well. While the tennis game is great, other mini games addition is poor.

With the arrival of the PS4, the GTA Online is getting less interesting. Only Rockstar can fix this by rolling out a new update. Make the game interesting again. Last but not least is the 2 new weapons yay! A broken bottle hm.. shove it up your arse!

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