Ford Fiesta & Focus Enjoys Chevrolet-Free Fight

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For most of the model that Ford to offer, Chevrolet has a rival for it but that cannot be said about both the Ford Fiesta ST and the Ford Focus ST model.

Many Chevrolet fans seem to notice that Chevrolet does not seem to have an answer for the Fiesta ST and Focus ST. They have affordable cars to offer but they don’t seem to be interested in offering an economy performance model just like Ford.

Becuase of that, many people feel like Chevrolet is being left behind. Chevrolet does have a few impressive performance model to offer like the Corvette but these are not cheap to own. Some fans were hoping that they would turn the Chevrolet Cruze into a Sports model to compete with Ford but it does not look like Chevrolet is ever going to do that.

Will Chevrolet be missing out if they continue down this path?