Chevrolet Volt Widens Gap As Nissan Take Their Own Sweet Time

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Nissan does not seem to be in a hurry to get the new Nissan Leaf ready and Chevrolet is making sure that they are taking full advantage of it.

The Nissan Leaf have been trailing behind the Chevrolet Volt since the updated model was released and it looks like things are only getting from bad to worse as Nissan report a down in sales while Chevrolet report and increase in sales.

According to the latest report, Nissan managed to only sell about 1096 units of the Nissan leaf in June and it has been predicted that the numbers will keep going down until the updates and longer range model arrives. As for the Chevrolet Volt, Chevrolet manages to sell about 1937units of the Chevrolet Volt last month.

Things might look a little different when the 200miles range Nissan Leaf arrives but as of now, nobody really knows when it will be arriving or if it will be arriving or not.