Chevrolet C8 Corvette: Surprise To See Us

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There is not a whole lot of details about the mid-engine Chevrolet C8 Corvette right now but these new spy shots taken from the proving ground of GM should give us a better picture of what is to come.

The vehicle was heavily covered in camo and cladding but some of the features like the wider fenders and raised section near the windshield can still be made out. A lot of people seems to think that the C8 Corvette rear design looked like the R35 concept car while other commented that the rear design is going to give the Corvette a surprised look.

Although most people seems to think that this might be the Corvette, there are other who think that GM will not be selling this as a Corvette when it finally arrives. It is believed that the vehicle could be arriving around 2018.

Check out the spy shots here and tell us what you think about it.