Apple Watch Series 1 A Huge Letdown

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No, we are not saying that the Apple Watch Series 1 is bad but we can see how the disappointing it is to not be able to get the smartphone when you have already ordered one.

Those that per-ordered the Apple Watch Series 1 from Best Buy was supposed to get their new Apple Watch this week but Best Buy has now announced that the Apple Watch Series 1 will not be available this week. Instead, customers that have already pre-ordered it will have to wait until mid-October to get the Apple Watch Series 1.

Not only are the fans not happy about the delay but they were also not too happy about how Best Buy handled the problem. Some fans only receive the email of the delay on the launch day while other did not even know about it.

Fans were also hoping that Best Buy would offer them the same $50 that they offered the Apple Watch Series 2 pre-order customer when the smartwatch was delayed but it does not look like that is going to happen.