Apple iPhone 7: Find My AirPod

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As nice as it is to have headphones without wires, some Apple fans are concern that they will start losing the AirPods soon after getting it.

Going wireless is nice but from the looks of the new AirPods, it looks like we will be hearing a lot about people losing their AirPod. The standard EarPod does not fit snuggly and looking at the AirPod, we are going to say that they are going to be as uncomfortable as the standard Earpod. These are not cheap to start with either. It will cost you $159 to own one of this AirPod.

Of course, if you are looking for something more practical, you can always stick to the standard EarPod that Apple will be offering all their Apple iPhone 7 customers.

Some people were hoping that Apple would offer the AirPods as standard with the Apple iPhone 7 but that will not be happening.