Apple iPhone 7 AirPod A Money Grabbing Ploy

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We have already heard rumors about Apple looking to ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack in favor of the lightning port connector but it looks like the fans are not too happy about how Apple is going about doing it.

Since the device will only come with one lightning port, it would make more sense if you get a headphone that is wireless like the new AirPod that Apple has to offer since you can then free up for the lightning port for something else.

Well, it looks like some fans were not too happy that Apple has decided to no offer the AirPod with the Apple iPhone 7. Since they are encouraging their users to go wireless, why not give them one to start with. The new Airpod cost $160 to own.

Other felt that Apple asking them to charge up the Apple AirPod with a wire instead of giving it a wireless charger does not make sense either.

Even though it seems like a lot of people are unhappy with some of the changes Apple is making right now, we do not thnk that this will affect the sales of the Apple iPhone 7, this is an Apple product after all.