Alfa Romeo Spider Kick Aside To Make Way For SUV

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It was previously announced that Alfa Romeo will be working on a new Alfa Romeo Spider but it looks like Alfa Romeo will be giving up the iconic model so that they can focus on building some new SUVs.

According to Automotive News, the Alfa Romeo Spider have been pushed aside as Alfa Romeo focuses their attention on building the new SUV. We know that Alfa Romeo has been struggling to stay afloat and maybe they felt that pushing out the SUV first would help them stabilize things a little bit.

The first crossover that Alfa Romeo will be pushing out will be the Alfa Romeo Stelvio which will be making its debut later this well. There should also be a crossover that is based on the Alfa Romeo Giulia which we are all still waiting for.

It is believed that besides the Alfa Romeo Spider, FCA will also be put holding off their plans to release their larger sedans models.