2017 Honda Pilot: Elite Not Getting Much Needed Upgrade

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We all know that Honda will be working on a Honda Pilot upgrade for 2017 but it looks like the Elite will not be getting the update that the fans are hoping for.

The fans were hoping that the 2017 Honda Pilot Elite will finally come with a six-speed transmission option as well as the emergency brake assist feature that the other trims will be getting but Honda made no mention of any of the upgrades happening.

Honda did say that they will be working to redesign the interior of the Honda Pilot so that it will be coming in with a more spacious interior. It was already reported that the Honda Pilot will be much lighter now thanks to the lighter material used.

What Honda will not be changing is the design and measurement of the Honda Pilot. Since the design is still very new, it made sense that Honda would want to keep it around for a little while longer.