2017 BMW i3: Good Sort Of Failure

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The BMW i3 definitely did not do as well as we all thought it would. Most people would think that BMW will give up on it but that is the exact opposite of what BMW is planning to do.

Despite its slow sales, BMW still thinks that the BMW i3 is not a failure. According to Heinrich Schwackhoefer, i3’s project manager, the BMW i3, and i8 is more of an investment and they think that it will only start paying off after a few more years. He added that with the i3 and i8, BMW is now ahead of their competitors in terms of electrification and that is the result they were hoping to get.

BMW experience with the i3 will also help when they work on the BMW X3, the upcoming all-electric model by BMW. So it looks like the BMW i3 could be here to stay after all.