Sentury Tires

China is by far the fastest-growing automotive market. There has been an increase in the need for new cars, ever since the country’s economy started growing. In addition to that, this also meant that the market needed tires, a lot of them. And it’s because of this that we have seen many new manufacturers coming out of China recently. Some of them grew so much that they have become the largest tire manufacturing company in the world. And others with bargain prices and low-quality products did try to enter the market.

Sentury is one of the most popular Chinese brands in the US. And in its country, the company is one of the largest tire makers. This tire manufacturer is so successful that at one point they even planned on opening a manufacturing facility in the US. But because of the trade war between the US and China, the plan didn’t come to fruition. Their minds might be changed by, a positive development, and sooner or later, Sentury might boast about being the Made in the USA Tire brand. Moreover, this tire brand like any other tire brand, obviously invested in creating a positive public opinion. The website of Sentury is top-notch, and in its tires, you can find a lot of information on the technology used. They are different from brands like Kelly Edge or Douglas that don’t give too much information.

On a more positive note, Sentury has an excellent R&D department. This means that the company develops and tests the tires in-house. So instead of sourcing design and materials from other companies, they formulate their design and use their materials and this approach is much better. Like this, they avoid collaborating with companies with little experience in developing tires. On-board, Sentury also boasts about having European engineers and in cheap tires, this is something you won’t often see. Ultimately, under its umbrella, the company has two other brands that operate. The firsts brand is Delinte that produces SUV and truck tires. This brand also produces ultra-high-performance tires. On the other hand, the Landsail brand produces mostly trucks and off-road tires.

Going back to Sentury, the lineup isn’t particularly impressive and its other portfolio. This model only features four models. However, in the US today, these cover most vehicles on the road, so that’s not a big issue. Even so, we still pose the question is: are these Sentury Tires any good? On paper, this company has everything it needs to succeed, but let’s see what this means in the real world. But before we give you a short review on every Sentury’s tire, let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of buying their products.

Buying Guide of Sentury Tires

Advantages of Sentury Tires

Sentury Tires are sold at very low prices

Sentury’s tires cost much less than the premium tires from other competitors. on the market, You won’t find many cheaper tires.

On dry roads, Sentury Tires offer very Good Performance

On dry surfaces, all Sentury products provide very good traction, grip, and braking. Ultimately, they perform better than similarly-priced competitors’ tires.

Sentury products offer Better wet traction than other low-cost options

In the rain, we wouldn’t call Sentury tires excellent, but still, they are better than other low-cost competitors.

Disadvantages of Sentury Tires

Wet traction is still far behind the renowned competition

On snow, if you want the best possible traction, you’ll need tires from renowned tire brands. These brands include General, Cooper, Kumho, or Hankook and Sentury isn’t on the level of these brands.

Snow traction is pretty bad

On snowy surfaces, no tire in Sentury’s portfolio performs well. So, we would suggest other tire brands if you live in areas with harsh wintry conditions.

Longevity is a concern

Most buyers assume that cheap tires don’t last very long. This is so, especially for the Chinese brands. However, er, in the long run, the longevity concerns might make Sentury tires more expensive since you’ll drive them half as long.

Sentury Tires Review

1. Sentury Touring Tires

For compact cars, mid-size sedans, and minivans, the Touring is Sentury’s bread-and-butter model, It is Sentury’ all-season touring tire. This model costs much less than its premium competition. In its category, the tire is one of the cheapest touring tires. This is so even when compared to other low-cost brands. The Touring features a specialized tread compound and a computer-optimized tread pattern, both increasing tread life and this according to Sentury. Moreover, across a wider temperature range, the rubber maintains flexibility. The function of this is to help with winter performance. In winter, the touring tire promises rapid steering response, good hydroplaning resistance, and confident performance.

However, in some categories, the Sentury Touring falters. On dry pavement, it performs excellently with good steering response and cornering grip. The braking distances of this touring tire also aren’t too long. When it starts raining, things change though. In the corners, you won’t get the same level of sophistication as on premium tires. Also, it will have longer stopping distances, having said that, the Sentury Touring tire fares slightly better than its direct competing tires.


  • good steering response
  • provides good traction and grip on dry surfaces
  • is comfortable over bumps
  • doesn’t produce a lot of noise
  • T is very cheap to buy


  • Performance o in rainy conditions is below average
  • Snow and ice traction of is pretty bad
  • won’t last nearly as long as premium tires

2. Sentury Crossover Tires

With its naming strategy, Sentury is very straightforward. The Sentury Crossover tire is engineered for crossovers. This tire is similar to the touring, except for the fact that it comes in larger sizes in many ways. The Sentury Crossover tire is designed with an all-season tread compound and pattern. However, since even lighter snow poses a big issue, this is not a tire for harsh wintry conditions. On dry surfaces, it performs just fine, just like its close relative tire. It works very well for the price but it doesn’t possess class-leading properties for sure. Unless you compare the Sentury Crossover tire to other low-cost tires, wet handling is also not good. Thankfully, the Crossover doesn’t get very noisy and it also rides over bumps very well. On the other hand, you will have a better experience with premium tires. But when we put the money into consideration, the Sentury is good. When it comes to longevity, we can’t say the same thing though, if you consider the price. The 40,000-mile treadwear warranty might look good, but still premium tire manufacturers offer almost twice as long miles.


  • good traction and grip on dry surfaces
  • provides a smooth ride over uneven surfaces
  • is not very noisy
  • provides better-wet traction than other cheap tires


  • Wet traction of the Sentury Crossover tire is still a big step behind premium tires
  • Snow and ice traction of The Sentury Crossover tire is not outstanding
  • The Sentury Crossover tire won’t last very long on the road

3. Sentury UHP Tire

For drivers of performance compact cars, performance sedans, and sporty cars in general, the conveniently-named UHP is Sentury’s ultra-high-performance tire. It is manufactured in different sizes that range from 15-inch to 20-inch wheel diameter, which is a significant range. You will pleasantly be surprised by the Sentury UHP In terms of driving pleasure. The tire feels very responsive and pointy, aiding in the whole experience, thanks to the stiff sidewalls.

For the price, the grip levels are also okay. Of course, the Michelin Pilot Sport or Bridgestone Potenza tires will offer much better, but the Sentury UHP is very good for the price. Moreover, the Sentury UHP tire provides good stopping power and acceleration traction, and having said that the performance in rainy conditions isn’t as good. Sentury doesn’t provide any information on the tread compound as for snow. However, since there is no traction on snow and ice, we guess it’s a summer one. The ride quality of the Sentury UHP is very choppy, though. The Sentury UHP tire can become noisy at highway speeds. This model of Sentury tire is not for drivers that want a comfortable experience. On a positive note, for the price, the 40,000-mile treadwear warranty is excellent. However, don’t expect the Sentury UHP tire to last very long.


  • Excellent responsiveness and steering feel
  • T provides very good traction and grip on dry surfaces
  • excellent treadwear warranty for the price
  • the tire is very cheap to buy


  • doesn’t work well in rainy conditions
  • Thas no snow or ice traction whatsoever
  • s a choppy ride quality
  • can also become noisy at higher speeds

4. Sentury UHPT Tires

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Similar to the UHP, the Sentury UHPT is only made for trucks and SUVs. However, the Sentury tire maker doesn’t offer this model in LT-metric sizes. This means that you should avoid towing and hauling heavy cargo on this tire. The UHPT performs similarly to its cousin in terms of drivability. From the road, the tire is very responsive and provides the driver with a good feel. Moreover, for the price, dry traction and grip are very good.

Wet traction of the Sentury UHPT is not as good, though. This is so especially when compared to premium tires from competitors. However, from a tire that costs this much, that’s expected. And since the Sentury UHPT utilizes a summer tread compound, snow traction is very bad. The tire is slightly better than the UHP, but still not excellent In terms of ride. Also, at higher speeds, expect noise. On a positive note, for a summer ultra-high-performance tire, the 40,000-mile treadwear warranty is pretty good, although the tread life probably wouldn’t be as long.


  • Ts Excellent responsiveness and steering feel
  • provides very good traction and grip on dry surfaces
  • T also provides an excellent treadwear warranty for the price
  • tire is very cheap to buy


  • doesn’t work well in rainy conditions
  • has no snow or ice traction whatsoever
  • the tire also gives a choppy ride quality
  • the tire can also become noisy at higher speeds


The Sentury Tire manufacturer produces better tires than most of its low-cost competitors. However, in our opinion, at least, if you want the safest driving experience possible, these tires are still not worth it. In every condition, purchasing premium tires will provide you with more traction, and they will also last much longer. Protection Status