Kelly Edge A/S Tire

When we are talking quality, cheap tires are nothing new. Cheap tires have been in existence ever since cars existed. However, it seems like a new brand sprout out of nowhere in recent times. And honestly, you shouldn’t bother with them because some of them use already-developed Chinese designs. In rainy conditions, they look enticing but might be very unsafe for driving. When that happens, you might find comfort in brands like Kelly Edge, which prides itself on working under the parent company, Goodyear Tires. As you might know, Goodyear has a lot of brands under its umbrella. But does that mean that all of those tires manufactured by Goodyear are outstanding? Well, that’s not always the case if you think about it. In its portfolio, Goodyear already has a lot of tires, most of which are pretty amazing. However, since they perform at a very high level, those products come at a premium cost.

Goodyear is the most popular tire company in the US. But the company also wants to have cheaper and budget-focused tires in its portfolio. It’s for that reason that the Goodyear Company invests in developing other brands, like Kelly Edge and Douglas. No need to cover that up, these tires are specifically designed to be cheap. That’s the first thought of designers of these tires when they start designing. Moreover, instead of advanced materials, they are usually made from cheaper ones. So, do you think by producing excellent cheap tires, Goodyear would want to hurt sales of its tires? Well, that’s not the idea. There is no getting over the fact that in this world there is simply no cheap tire that will perform as well as a premium one.

But you might wonder like how about the Kelly Edge A/S? Well, this tire looks quite good, at least on paper. By almost half the price, this tire costs a lot less than premium tires. Moreover, it should provide good performance as it has a tread pattern that Goodyear already used before. Now, of course, to the compound, the tread pattern always plays second fiddle. And this much more important for grip and traction, however, in this review we will give the Kelly Edge A/S the benefit of the doubt. We prepared a detailed review to answer all your questions about this low-cost tire. As you scroll down, you will read about how this tire performs on dry and wet pavement. You will also read about how it works in the winter, and how comfortable it is. Besides, since tread life is a very important aspect among drivers in the US, we will also talk about the tread life of the tire.

Features of the Kelly Edge A/S Tire

On Goodyear’s website, curiously, you will find all the information on the Kelly Edge A/S. on their website, this popular brand states that this is a hardworking, quality tire with all-season traction for everyday driving. In premium tires, that’s something we don’t hear a lot. So in this case one might wonder what do hardworking means for this tire?

Anyway, to evacuate water and slush from the surface, the tire features a tread pattern that’s specifically designed for those functions. The tire should perform admirably in rainy conditions as a result. Moreover, for increased traction in snowy conditions, the tire has biting tread block edges. The function of these is to help in winter driving. Meanwhile, at higher speeds, the sturdy tread blocks ensure stable handling, but also for increased tread life. And to stabilize the tire, the internal construction consists of dual steel belts and nylon reinforcement. There is nothing new here the fact that this design is standard for the category.

Ultimately, there is nothing new about the Kelly Edge A/S that one might be excited about. Without any advanced technology, it’s a simply-designed tire. It resembles tires from over a decade ago, which might not be a very bad thing for a budget tire in that area. Goodyear offers the Kelly Edge tire in different sizes. They range from 14-inch wheel diameter to 17-inch wheel diameter. Also, the Kelly Edge A/S is designed in T, H, and V-speed ratings. The manufacturer mostly covers sub-compact cars, compact cars, mid-size sedans, and minivans with these dimensions and ratings.

Maintenance indicators of Kelly Edge A/S Tires

When designing the Kelly Edge, Goodyear uses the industry-standard tread wear indicators (TWI’s) on its all-season tire. On the tire, these indicators can show the driver how much tread depth is left. Thus, for safety, they are very important. This is so the facts that tread depth connect directly to wet and snow traction. The tires won’t be able to channel water out of the contact patch, which hurts hydroplaning resistance without sufficient depth. In the US, the minimum legal tread depth for all-season tires is 2/32-inch. You are advised to immediately replace your tires when the tread depth reaches this point, otherwise, not only will you risk losing traction on wet pavement, but also over snow. Naturally, if you want to keep them safe and reliable in all conditions, we recommend replacing the tires even sooner.

When the depth reaches 2/32-inch, the TWI’s can help you see. These TWI’s are small rubber bars built into the tread. These indicators can only be seen by a close inspection of the tire. The bars will become more visible as the tread of this model wears down. The narrow rubber bars will be completely flush with the rest of the tread when the depth reaches 2/32-inch. Fortunately, for such a cheap tire, the Kelly Edge A/S comes with an excellent warranty. Goodyear on the Kelly Edge A/S provides a 55,000-miles treadwear warranty. This is done to protect you from premature wear. That’s short for around 15,000-miles but still good for the price when compared to premium tires.

Don’t expect amazing tread life from the Kelly Edge A/ though. The Kelly Edge A/S will wear faster than premium tires from competitors. Moreover, the rubber compound of the Kelly Edge A/ won’t survive as long. However, given the low price of the tire, that’s something you should expect.

How Kelly Edge A/S Tires Perform on a Dry Tarmac

At first, the Kelly Edge A/S won’t impress you. The tire doesn’t communicate with you very well, even though the sidewalls seem sturdy and respond fast. At the center, it’s slightly dead, which hurts the steering feel. Honestly, though, behind the wheel, it’s not like most passenger all-season tires feel good, so this is not a big issue. The Kelly Edge A/S performs quite well for daily driving in terms of grip and traction. At regular speeds around town, it drives very safely, even if you push a little harder. in terms of stability, It’s also good on the highway. The stopping distances will be slightly longer when compared with the premium tires for competitors, but nothing too bad. Ultimately, on dry roads, the Kelly Edge A/S hides its price well. by any stretch of the imagination, It’s not a sporty tire, but still a competent one.

How Kelly Edge A/S Tires Perform Over Wet and Slippery Roads

On wet roads, the Kelly Edge A/S quickly loses its mojo. Even though it doesn’t perform as badly as some other cheap tires, it is still not reliable enough. It also feels like it loses traction sooner than on more expensive tires in the corners. During hard acceleration, there is also more wheel spin, and the stopping distances are longer. From cheap tires, we think many buyers expect this kind of performance. However, in the same sentence, we always find it hard to value safety and price. For your family, a premium tire with excellent wet traction will be much safer even for other traffic participants.

How Kelly Edge A/S Tires Perform On Snowy Roads

It only works through spring, summer, and fall even though Goodyear markets the Kelly Edge A/S as an all-season tire. It will work only in places without frequent snow or ice for winter driving. This tire isn’t the best choice if you encounter harsh wintry conditions. There is not enough grip and traction on snow-covered roads for the Kelly Edge A/S. this means that it is unreliable when handling and long stopping distances. Also, the ice traction of the Kelly Edge A/S is even worse.

Suitability of the Kelly Edge A/S Tires for Off-Road Driving

The Kelly Edge A/S is not suitable. To provide you with good traction on slippery terrains, the tire doesn’t have enough tread patterns. Moreover, sharp rocks can easily damage these Kelly Edge A/S tires and accelerate treadwear.

Comfort and Refinement of Kelly Edge A/S Tires

You will be surprised at how Kelly Edge A/S performs in terms of noise. On the highway, it’s very quiet around town and doesn’t produce a lot of noise. You can buy a better tire in this category and that’s for sure, but for the price, this tire is very satisfying. But for the ride quality, we can’t say the same thing. And off the surface, the tires seem to bounce. This means that it transmits more vibrations into the cabin than you would like.

Overview of the Kelly Edge A/S Tires

Well, since it depends on what you value, that’s a question you will probably need to answer yourself. For daily driving, if you want a dirt-cheap tire, then the Kelly Edge A/S is a very good choice. At regular speeds, it drives well, it’s reasonably quiet, and this model should last you for at least 3 years.

However, you should pay a bit more, if you want an advanced tire that will perform well in most conditions. The Goodyear Company produces its own tires that are much better.


  • The Kelly Edge A/S offers good traction and grip on dry roads
  • The Kelly Edge A/S feels stable on the highway
  • The Kelly Edge A/S is also quiet around town and on the highway
  • This model of tires comes with an excellent treadwear warranty for the price
  • The Kelly Edge A/S is also very cheap to buy


  • Wet traction of the Kelly Edge A/S falls behind premium tires
  • The ride quality if the Kelly Edge A/S isn’t very impressive
  • Snow traction of this model is below average


Q. The Goodyear Kelly Edge A/S Tire Is For What Type of a Driver?

A. This Kelly Edge A/S Tire is engineered for drivers of crossover and small SUV. So if you want a comfortable drive with all-season traction on the most driving surface. But they work pretty well on dry surfaces than other surfaces.

Q. In What Season Can You Use the Kelly Edge A/S Tire?

A. the Kelly Edge A/S Tire is an all-season tire. It is built to provide a smooth ride and all-season traction. It does all this with good handling on all driving surfaces.


We hope you find our Kelly Edge A/S Tire Review helpful; these models will power up your SUV or crossover. The Kelly Edge A/S has proven to deliver a good deal of performance and it has remained consistent for some time now. This is because of excellence and success in both design and delivery. To get a conviction about its abilities and performance, we recommend this excellent Goodyear Tire. Protection Status