How To Pick The Right Tires For Your Truck

Choosing a tire for your truck can be a tough choice, but it often depends on the conditions in which the truck is being driven. Not all trucks are actual off road vehicles, the light pickups and SUVs usually are made for a better interior and when it comes to driving, they are not that different from regular cars. They are not made for driving across the fields and going into wild places.

However, their suspension is made in such a way that it is extremely important to choose the right tires. Each tire needs to be the same size, model, and same mileage, otherwise, the transmission will wear off quickly due to the inconsistent friction of each tire. It is often useless to put off road tires on the SUV, as the comfort will suffer and you still won’t really be able to drive through heavy dirt and mud.

The real off road trucks such as Toyota Tacoma, Hummer, Land Rover Discovery usually can tackle any road conditions. Choosing the best tires for those vehicles needs some thought as well. First, you have to decide if you’re really going to be driving across the wilderness, or you just want to be prepared for construction zones and bad road conditions within the city. With the latter choice, it is not recommended to go with the tires that have the highest off road abilities because of the noise increase and discomfort.

You should also keep in mind that choosing a tire to drive across regular concrete roads is different for a truck than a regular vehicle. The main difference is the weight of the truck, which affects tire qualities that you need to pay attention to. One of the most important of those qualities is the distance that the truck will cover while braking. The more the weight of the truck, the harder it will be to stop when braking.

The last thing to mention is buying the all season tires for your truck. It is usually not recommended, especially for a heavier trucks which become hard to control in emergency situations. It is best to get separate winter and summer sets of tires for your truck. Protection Status