Best Tires for Mercedes E350

Tires are eager for multiple facets that includes traction, performance and steering response. This is for a fact that they are among the most decent components of your car. There are varieties of notable differences among tires and not only is efficiency but convenience as well. Mercedes Benz being a well-established international automobile company, it provides people with quality cars. They infuse the latest technology in every aspect to deliver the most luxury cars, buses, coaches and trucks.

The E-class Benz models have been in production since 1953 and they are a range of executive vehicles. These cars have been sold in millions worldwide for five generations now. The E-class is the company’s best-selling model and this is based on the history of the Mercedes Benz Company. On the other hand, as you might know, tires are made in different types and sizes. This means that you will have to choose a set of tires for the specific weather conditions depending on what areas you live in.

How to Make your Mercedes E350 Tires Last Longer

Even though you will have to take care of your tires properly if they are to last longer, you do not have to buy a new set after a short period of use. Before we go into the best tires for your Benz, we are going to mention some key things you are advised to consider to increase the treadlife of your tire.

A. Monthly Checkup of Air Pressure

Correct air pressure is an important measure you need to consider. This is for a reason that the wrong air pressure can cause sluggish handling. They also increase stopping distance and wear and tear. This means that they heighten the risk of a blowout.

B. Rotation of Tires

This must be done every after 5,000 miles. One or 2 wheels drive the cars in most cases. As you might have known this, it might cause the occurrence of uneven tire wear. An example we can give is on the front wheel drive car whose front tires wear a lot faster than the rear ones. Moreover, for the all-wheel drive cars, uneven wear comes in as most shift the drive from one wheel to another.

C. Wheel Balance

The perfect time to balance your wheels is after you have rotated your tires. Even in a brand new set of tires, heavy spots can occur in both the tires and the wheels. This will cause vibrations and uneven tire wear even though the difference might be small. You may prevent this from happening if you balance your tires with specialized machine and small weights.

D. Speed Rating of the Tire

Before you buy a tire, you must look at the specification of the speed rating. The reason for this is that the speed rating describes at what speed category the tire can carry a load under specified conditions.

Other Important Factors Include:


If you like saving money on tires then keep your Mercedes E350 correctly aligned, balanced and pressurized. These factors make an enormous difference in gas mileage.


This describes how tires react to your driving decisions. They are a perfect fit if they respond correctly and on time.


Here, we are talking about how the tire grip the road. They are a perfect fit if they keep you in control of your Mercedes E350.


They are a perfect fit if they are equipped with ample tread. The tires must be correctly pressurized to boost traction and you can even feel this when driving on the road.

Comfort-this factor combines tread, tire pressure, balance and alignment. All these factors are in the way of your Mercedes E350 feels when driving.

The 10 Best Tires for Mercedes E350 of 2021

1. Milestar MS932 Sport All-Season Radial Tire

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Without sacrificing any comfort, this Milestar MS932 Sport tire was specifically designed as an all-season that packs increased handling and cornering grip. This means that people who own all types of sport coupes, minivans, crossovers, SUVs, and even sedans can find a comfortable and quiet ride in this tire. This model features a special tread design that accommodates T, H, or speed rating. It is also available in so many different sizes that makes it popular for a wide range of cars. This tire is available in the range of 14 to 20 inches of sizes.

Furthermore, it is equipped with a rounded shoulder that has large tread blocks. The tread blocks is capable of enhancing traction on dry road surfaces. It gets the job done while proving increased cornering power. While researching on this great tire, we have come across many positive reviews from people across all occupations worldwide. They have complimented the handling of the tire on the highway especially that it is an economy tire. The wide circumferential grooves and the added sipes installed around the tread helps expel the water when the Benz E350 is being driven on the wet roads. Not only does this feature expel the water from under the tire but also it reduces the risk of hydroplaning.

In addition, this model features great quality material for light snow. However, we do not recommend you to use this model on heavy snow or ice. This is because it does not the ability to handle in deeper amounts of snow or ice. The internal part of the MS932 has twin steel belts construction, just like any other tire. The use for these belts is to add strength and durability. Moreover, they also give the tire longer treadlife. Having an affordable price, this tire is oriented towards the mass market. This Milestar tire provides excellent traction and cornering performance for any sports car, more so for the Benz E350.

From our experience, the manufacturer did not do a great job for road noise. This model was not able to completely reduce the noise on the highway. This was quite annoying. Overall, if you are looking for tire that does not cost so much but has solid performance, then look no further than this tire. Of course, there are other premium tires out there but this model packs similar features and decent performance. It is an ideal choice for the Mercedes E350.


  • Added sipes installed around the tread helps expel the water
  • Enhanced traction on dry road surfaces
  • Reduces the risk of hydroplaning
  • Strong and durable
  • Increased handling and cornering grip


  • This model is not good on heavy snow or ice
  • Road noise

2.Goodyear Integrity Radial Tire

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At number 2, we have the Goodyear Integrity that narrows down our list. The fact that Goodyear is well established tire manufacturer that has been in the game for a long period, they are well known for producing high quality tires. They have managed to stay on top of the chain due to their impressive high performance and feature rich tire. This is so especially in the range of coupes, sedans, minivans and other cars over the years. That being said, this high quality tire manufacturer is one of the great options if you are looking for a good set of tires for your Mercedes E350.

The Integrity from Goodyear is equipped with an all season compound accompanied with an asymmetrical tread compound. These two features are capable of proving lower rolling resistance that is created to improve the overall fuel efficiency. Just as we have already mentioned in the Milestar model, this model also comes with a continuous center rib whose function is to enhance traction on dry road surfaces. Its other function is to deliver extra steering response and feels on the road.

Moreover, if we are talking wet weather performance, this tire is equipped with impressive circumferential grooves whose job is to make the tires hydroplanes resistant. It is also equipped with independent shoulder blocks and intermediate blocks that are siped. The job of these two features is to increase handling and traction on wet road surfaces as well as on snow. Another attractive aspect about this tire is that it reduces road noise and vibrations on the highway. Both noise and vibrations can be annoying in most cases, and so you do not have to worry about that with this tire.

Furthermore, the internal part of this Goodyear model is also designed with two steel belts and a polyester body. The use of these two features is to increase high-speed stability and the ride quality. On a more positive note, Goodyear has equipped this tire with an impressive 50,000-mile tread life warranty. On a negative note, this model will not perform as much as you might expect in heavy winter and ice. We recommend you go for tires specifically designed for winter. This tire performs exceptionally for the price.


  • Capable of proving lower rolling resistance
  • Reduces road noise and vibrations on the highway
  • Deliver extra steering response and feels on the road
  • Increased handling and traction on wet road surfaces
  • Improve the overall fuel efficiency
  • Enhance traction on dry road


  • not so good on heavy snow and ice

3.Pirelli P Zero All Season Radial Tire

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Moving down the list, we have this Pirelli model P as the third tire. This ultra-performance tire was specifically designed for driving enthusiasts who enjoy behind the wheels of powerful super cars. The Mercedes E350 is an example. For year round performance, this model was designed to be driven in all seasons, even in light snow. This means that the P model can get the job done if you live in areas where winters are not that rough. This tire features the manufacturers latest advanced all season compound in terms of construction. This compound is engineered with a combination of silica and polymers.

Furthermore, this compound is molded to create an advanced asymmetric tread pattern. For this reason, they feature variable size tread elements whose job is to minimize noise inside the car. Besides that, it is also equipped with five distinctly ribs that promote performance in different weather conditions. Moreover, a stable outboard shoulder blocks feature lateral siping in order to maximize cornering. On the other hand, they are also equipped with rigid center rib whose job is to increase steering control. This center rib also provide the tire with dry grip and overall handling.

Circumferential grooves are other features that you will find attractive about this tire. These grooves flush out water, which means that this tire is hydroplane resistant. The function of the large grooves between the blocks is not only to expel water but also to enhance the tires performance on snow. In the inboard blocks, it also features winter siping technology that enhances tread pattern stability. Its other job is to increase the number of biting edges for improved snow traction.

This model is also like other tires for Mercedes E350 whose internal structure has twin steel belts that is reinforced by a spirally wrapped, variable tension control nylon ply. This feature only has one task that is to optimize footprint shape. With this function, you will get high levels of driving comfort, steering control and treadwear. Overall, this Pirelli model is one of the best options available, and for this reason, we recommend it to you for all season. It is reliable from its reputation and it will deliver great value for your money.


  • Designed to be driven in all seasons, even in light snow
  • Hydroplane resistant
  • Enhances tread pattern stability
  • To maximize cornering
  • Increased steering control
  • They feature variable size tread elements whose job is to minimize noise inside the car


4. Westlake RP18 Touring Radial Tire

[amazon bestseller=”Westlake RP18 Touring Radial Tire” items=”1″ template=”vertical”]

In the lineup, the RP18 is the premium all-season touring tire from Westlake that is not only the most popular but also the bestselling. This model was engineered for coupes, sedans, minivans, and crossovers. The RP18 is also available in smaller sizes that range from 13 to 14 inches of size. These sizes are quite ideal for older versions. This model also features an all-season compound in terms of construction. Moreover, to prove high traction on both dry and wet surfaces, it is designed with an asymmetrical tread pattern.

Furthermore, the fact that the tread pattern is non-directional, tire rotation is much easier and the tread life is extended. A unique tread pattern is also installed on the lower profile of the tire whose job is to enable the tire for better steering response. It is also equipped with sipes that are vertical hat adds to handling and more cornering stability. Moreover, these sipes other function is also to increase wet traction and grip on snow and ice. On the other hand, the circumferential grooves help in reducing the risk of hydroplaning. They also make sure that the tire channels away rainwater for additional safety of the driver and commuters.

The traction of this Westlake tire is comparable to bigger name brands in the industry. Nevertheless, the negative aspect of this tire is that it does not have enough traction and grip on heavy snowy and icy road surfaces. You are advised to slow down immediately for your safety in case you find yourself speeding in this situation. Additional attention would have been paid with the noise. It is also frustrating and annoying with the noise it produces on the highway.

Even if this is the case, this model delivers great value for your money. On the market, it is one of the economical tires for the Mercedes E350. It is one of the rare products that offer better performance for the same low cost. If you ever decide to buy this tire, you will surely not regret the idea and it is for this reason that we would like you to consider this model.


  • Smaller sizes that range from 13 to 14 inches of size
  • High traction on both dry and wet surfaces
  • Enable the tire for better steering response
  • Increase wet traction and grip on snow and ice


  • It does not have enough traction and grip on heavy snowy and icy road

5. Michelin X-ice XI3 Tire

[amazon bestseller=”Michelin X-ice XI3 Tire” items=”1″ template=”vertical”]

Having a good set of tires for specific weather is important because winters can be rough. This is important because not only do you ensure yourself a quality ride but above safety as well. For your Mercedes E350, this X-ice from Michelin is the best winter tire we could find for you. This excellent tire is able to perform excellently well on both snow and ice road surfaces. Accidents can occur leading to an unfortunate event if you do not have a good set of tires for these two road surfaces. The risk of rolling on slippery surfaces is reduced by that, the tires that are specifically built and designed for winter conditions.

The X-Ice model is capable of retaining a grip on the road no matter the situation. It drives through different terrains if there is piled up snow or ice. The tread construction is the secret behind this tires quality. The reason for this is that it utilizes the grip technology that is way ahead of other winter tires on the market. This quality is manifested through a combination of three key features.

The increased number of tread blocks is the first element among them four. These tread blocks are engineered to provide the tire with more biting edges to maneuver safely on snowy road surfaces. The second element are the micro pumps whose jobs is to absorb from the surface. Another function is to evacuate the absorb water through a centrifugal force. This is done to increase tread contact. The tires cross Z sipes is the last and most impressive feature of them all. These sipes are designed in a tridimensional pattern whose function is to increase the rigidity of the tire. They also increase the stability of the handling of the tire.

Furthermore, this Michelin model is designed with flex ice compound that is made up of full silica material. The use of this material is to help the tire retain its flexibility at lower temperatures. This is done to improve the performance and firmness at moderate temperatures in order to reduce the tires wear. On a negative note, this model is not good in any other season or weather condition. The reason for is that it features all the most premium features for winter only. This means that you must have additional tires for warmer weather conditions if you decide to buy these winter tires.

In conclusion, this is the best and ideal choice if you want to ensure yourself a reliable winter tire that packs the latest technology and is capable of outperforming any other winter tires for Mercedes E350.


  • More biting edges to maneuver safely on snowy road surfaces
  • Tridimensional pattern whose function is to increase the rigidity of the tire
  • Micropumps whose jobs is to absorb from the surface
  • The risk of rolling on slippery surfaces is reduced
  • Retain its flexibility at lower temperatures


  • Not good in any other season or weather condition


Q. For run flat tires, do one need special rims?

A. Yes. It is physics that regular tires and run-flat tires that have equal numerical size must have equal physical dimensions. This means that they can fit properly on the same wheel. The only difference comes in at bead seat. Run-flat tires are designed with an additional hump behind the bead seat. This means that the run-flat tire will be able to run properly even without any air pressure in it.

Q. What is the maximum tread life of tires on the Mercedes E350?

A. this all depends on the surfaces and weather conditions that you are driving your car on. A tire will wear down in 3 to 4 for years if you drive somewhere between 12,000 to 15,000 miles a year. Nevertheless, a worn-out tire might never be an issue for some drivers.

Q. How many times am I supposed to be checking the air pressure of the tire?

A. Any tire manufacturer recommends that you be checking on the air pressure of the tire every month. The reason for this is to ensure that it has a long tread life and give you a more comfortable and safe ride.


You should have everything in place if you want your Mercedes E350 to perform at its highest. Great tires are not an exception. All five tires described in this article can really enhance the performance of your Benz. Make sure you follow the FAQs, if you want to maintain both the tires and the car properly. Though our top pick is the Milestar MS932, each tire is special and unique for different seasons, we therefore recommend to you, all of them. Protection Status