Best Tires for BMW X5

The BMW X5 is among the best selling cars from the Germany car manufacturer. It has been designed with aesthetic and performance features. The BMW Company has installed a strong engine in this model. This makes it an excellent car that efficiently moves over any type of terrain. Finding the right tire is one of the main challenges for high performing cars like the BMW X5. It is very critical choosing the best tire for the BMW X5, especially if you don’t have an idea on the features of the tire you need to look for.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Tires for Your BMW X5.

There are certain factors you must consider before making a final decision on which tires are best for your BMW X5.

i. Comfort of the BMW X5 Tires

Comfort level is not guaranteed by the right size of the BMW X5 tire. This is especially for luxury cars like the BMW X5. These tires must be adequately inflated. Excellent comfort is guaranteed when the tires are properly inflated. Your car’s braking and handling capabilities must be complemented and optimized by the tire. You will be able to safeguard your purchase for a long period of time if you have ensured that the tires you have bought are comfortable.

ii. BMW X5 Tire Size

You also must know the best size of your BMW X5 before you start shopping for the right size. You can easily find that information in the owner’s manual that comes with the BMW X5car. In the car manual, necessary information is provided on what tire will suit your car best.

iii. The Rate of Traction for the BMW X5

The function of the traction rate is telling you how effective your tire is at maintaining a tight grip while driving out on the road. Traction rate is also very important especially for BMW X5 owners. This is important to consider especially if you plan to traverse various terrains and other landscapes in your car.

Top 10 Best Tires for BMW X5 of 2021

1. Yokohama ADVAN Sport A/S Tire

Yokohama ADVAN Sport A/S Tire

The ADVAN SPORT A/S is a product of YOKOHAMA Tire Corporation. This Yokohama model lets you enjoy your driving experience with its comfortable and noiseless design. While performing your skills, it will offer your X5 a perfect hold. This feature offers stability and control over your car. With the YOKOHAMA ADVAN Sport, the response of your X5 will be fast and accurate.

This tire has excellent grip and traction features. These ADVAN SPORT A/S features will give you more confidence to push forward. At the limit, this is one of the most controllable Yokohama Tires for the BMW X5. So you won’t have to worry about anything at the middle of the road. Unlike most high performance summer tires, the ADVAN SPORT A/S can be used on the streets.


  • Has the capability of perfect handling when fitting
  • It also has a better grip and holds when driving
  • It also works perfectly in rainy weather conditions
  • Treadwear assurance is worth 70,000 miles


  • Doesn’t fit on very large vehicles

2. Yokohama Geolander H/T-S GO52 Tire

Yokohama Geolander H/T-S GO52 Tire

The Geolander H/T-S G052 is another excellent Tire from the YOKOHAMA Company. It is one of the best budget-oriented tires for BMW X5 on the market right now when compared with a fraction of the price of its premium competitors. The tire offers an amazing driving experience. On the level of the best premium maximum performance BMW X5, it offers excellent responsiveness. The Geolander H/T-S G052 also has amazing grip and traction. The grip and traction helps in controllability while driving your X5.

Like for any other YOKOHAMA tires for BMW X5, you are advised to be examining the Geolander H/T-S G052 once a month.

You have to be inspecting the tires occasionally. You have to be doing this to make sure there are no cuts or snags on the sidewalls of the tires. You must make sure the tire be free from nails, screws, pins, and tiny sharp stones in the treads. If you are not regularly checking the tread, it will develop uneven or excessive wear. The tread depth for the Geolander H/T-S G052 is 32 32nds and it is radially constructed.

Hydroplaning resistance is better than expected all thanks to the wide circumferential grooves. The circumferential grooves make the Geolander H/T-S G052 BMW X5 usable on the road as well. Thanks to the continuous protection features, it is an excellent puncture resistant Yokohama tire. Rolling resistant is improved from its predecessor. It also provides more gripping power than other BMW X5 on the market. This tire will be providing you with excellent controllability while driving.

This tire also has a durable casing. It remains cooler for longer periods of time due to the reduced rolling resistance. The use of casing technology for the tire provides improved stability. The function of this technology in the Geolander H/T-S G052 is to reinforce the shoulder areas while leaving the crown area compliant for a more comfortable ride.

The manufacturer took a further step by making these tires quieter. Last but not the least, the manufacturer offers a 50,000-mile treadwear warranty on the Geolander H/T-S G052.


  • Handling ability is excellent
  • It is very good for wet weather conditions
  • Traction and grip is excellent
  • Outstanding high-speed stability.


  • Reports of wearing after being used for a couple of thousand miles

3. Michelin ExtremeContact Sport Tire

Michelin ExtremeContact Sport Tire

The Michelin ExtremeContact Sport is a product of Michelin Corp, a company with more than 100 years in production and development. This is another premium performance tire that performs outstandingly. The versatile and easy-rolling profile of the tire adapts perfectly to any surface. This Michelin tire also has excellent responsiveness.

Thanks to the continuous protection features, it is an excellent puncture-resistant feature. It is equipped with a black chill compound that gives it an outstanding grip and efficient rolling. Rolling resistance is improved by 26% with the black chill compound. It also provides 30% more grip than activated silica compounds of other tires. With this feature, you will be provided with excellent controllability while driving. This tire has a durable casing. It remains cooler for longer periods of time due to the reduced rolling resistance. The use of casing technology in tires provides improved stability.

Like any other tires for the BMW X5, you are required to examine the tires once a month. And not just because this is a good-looking tire, you have to occasionally inspect the tires to make sure there are no cuts or snags on the sidewalls. They are many fractures that can be picked up as you drive such as nails, screws, and loose wires.

Protection treads and sidewalls of Michelin ExtremeContact Sport are equally protected. They are also 25% lighter and offer 30% more puncture protection than other tires. Even in paddles of water, the tire possesses good wet traction and braking. It is good on the road like any other tire. With this tire, a lot of noise is reduced on the highway. With this tire, you will experience great comfort as you drive.


  • The ExtremeContact Sport has an outstanding responsiveness
  • Grip and traction are of high levels
  • Wet traction, grip, and braking are also excellent

4. Bridgestone Blizzak LM-60 RFT Tire

Bridgestone Blizzak LM-60 RFT Tire

This is a wildly-popular Bridgestone Tire. And this means that we will immediately put it among the top Tires of the class. So look no further if you want the best studless winter tire for your BMW X5. With this tire, snow becomes almost a non-problem. The traction of the Blizzak LM-60 RFT is excellent. You won’t have trouble accelerating your BMW X5 on the Blizzak LM-60 RFT. On a more positive note, in the class of the Blizzak LM-60 RFT, the braking distances are the shortest, and the handling of the BMW X5 feels safe and surefooted.

The tires beat other competitors on Ice surface. This Bridgestone model does this by offering better traction and braking. On a more positive note, Bridgestone’s winter offering feels very safe in wet conditions, and on dry roads, it drives the BMW X5 quite well. On a negative note, even if Bridgestone markets an improved treadwear warranty, they need to provide a treadwear warranty on the tire. Also, for some buyers, the Blizzak LM-60 RFT can be expensive.


  • It’s one of the best in class for the BMW X5
  • The capability of handling is excellent
  • It has outstanding high-speed stability
  • They can be used in wet conditions


  • Has no treadwear warranty

5. Michelin CrossContact UHP Tire

Michelin CrossContact UHP Tire

This is a premium all-season model that was engineered for owners of coupes, sedans, minivans and crossovers. This Michelin tire was designed to provide high-performance for the whole year round traction and handling. This model will provide you with a comfortable ride. The CrossContact UHP Tire also increases fuel efficiency.

If you want to save your money over time, then get yourself this Tire for your BMW X5. It is equipped with an all-season tread compound that combines with Michelin’s Eco Plus technology. This technology uses other polymers in the tread. The function of all this is to give the tire enhanced treadwear. It also improves fuel efficiency for your BMW X5.

Many tire models are equipped with indicators and this new CrossContact UHP tire is no exception. This Michelin tire uses Tuned Performance Indicators. This model is marked with letters that represent tractions and these are; D for Dry, W for Wet, and S for Snow. These marked letters are on the outer tread of the tire. These letter symbols will inform you of how the tread is currently wearing. For example, once the W letters have worn off the tread of the tire, it’s a sign that the tire has lost its Wet performance. This goes to other letters. These letters will give a better idea of when to change the tires on your BMW X5.

This model is equipped with ComfortRide technology. It is installed inside the tire. The function of this technology is to provide extra grip to the tire. It does this by adding another layer of rubber that helps absorb pavement bumps and vibrations. The tire is also engineered with two steel belts with joint less polyamide. The use for these is to add durability and more stability to the tire.


  • This Michelin model has an outstanding dry, wet, and snow performance
  • This model also has excellent braking abilities
  • This model also has a crisp steering response and feel when driving
  • The ride comfort of the tire is among the best


  • Snow traction of this model is not good
  • This model also has no treadwear warranty

6.Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric SUV-4X4 RunOnFlat Tire

Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric SUV-4X4 RunOnFlat Tire

In its category, the Eagle F1 Asymmetric SUV is one of the most pleasing tires. Despite the fact that the ride quality is very smooth, the responsiveness of this tire on a BMW X5 is excellent. Even at the limit of your BMW X5, the tires will communicate with you very well. These will provide you with a truly satisfying experience. The cornering grip of this model is also very impressive.

This Goodyear’s own F1 Asymmetric All-Season will definitely satisfy the needs of your BMW X5. Moreover, the distances of this tire are very short. You will be impressed with the braking. Ultimately, high-speed stability is one of the best in the business and this is all thanks to the RaceWrap Construction Technology.

The tire will impress you on wet roads. This means that you will be able to drive your BMW X5 on wet grounds without worrying about anything from the tire. Again, this tire doesn’t outperform its competition, but the differences are very small and only noticeable on closed courses when you pay so much attention to it. Talk of wet climates, it works tremendously well for daily driving in rainy weather conditions.

When driving your BMW X5, the tires feel planted on the road, and they also provide the driver with excellent traction and braking which means that the hydroplaning resistance is excellent. On the downside, the Eagle F1 Run On Flat tire could see improvements in snow traction. The tire is good for the category, this is so especially when we are talking about braking. The down part is that its not good in extreme winter weather.

Goodyear didn’t design the Eagle F1 Asymmetric SUV for off-roading. Above all, the tire doesn’t have enough tread depth for attacking slippery surfaces. This also includes hardpacked surfaces, mud, and rocky terrain.

The tread of the tire also isn’t very tough and might get easily damaged or punctured. It is a very smooth tire, despite the excellent responsiveness and stability. In this model, smaller imperfections are ironed-out very successfully, and even larger bumps don’t unsettle the interior of the BMW X5 car. On the downside, road noise can be an issue at higher speeds of the BMW X5.


  • has excellent responsiveness and steering feel
  • It also has high cornering grip on dry surfaces for an all-season tire
  • This model is also equipped with very short braking distances on dry surfaces
  • It also has an exceptional directional stability on the highway
  • Over smaller and larger imperfections on the road it offers comfortable ride
  • This tire is cheaper than other premium all-season tires


  • Wet traction is a step behind the best premium high-performance all-season tires
  • doesn’t come with a treadwear warranty

7. Michelin Premier LTX Tire

Michelin Premier LTX Tire

For good steering response and smooth ride, the Michelin Premier LTX Tire is equipped with comfort ride technology which places an absorption layer beneath the tread. The tire is also designed with circumferential grooves for easy passage of water to prevent hydroplaning when driving. The Ecoplus technology compound of Michelin next generation is molded into a symmetric tread pattern. The continuous circumferential ribs of the tire help with noise reduction when driving. These tires are also designed with lateral and diagonal sipes. These give more biting edges for increased traction on slippery surfaces.

The traction groove of the tire is built to trap snow in its biting teeth. And for a better tread life, it has been installed with Ecoplus technology tread compound. It is designed with a Polyester cord body that is present in its internal construction. The functionality for this Polyester cord body is to support two heavy-duty steel belts. This Michelin is designed with spirally wound polyamide reinforcements. These are used for stability and better handling especially when driving on high speed.

Comes with a uniformity warranty for the first year or first 2/32 inch of wear. The tire comes with a road hazard warranty for the first year or first 2/32 inch. With this warranty, there are terms and conditions applied. So you are advised to check with Michelin first.

Most of the all-season tire manufacturers use tire wear indicators in the tread, but with this tire, Michelin has taken things even further. This tire is the best tire in the category of maintenance indicators. Unlike other manufacturers that install indicators into the tread pattern, the Michelin Premier has QuickView indicators.

The QuickView indicators are made of Tuned Performance indicators and Visual Alignment indicators. On the tread pattern of the Tire, the letters D, W, and S have been printed. These represent the Tuned Performance indicators. These signify Dry, Wet, and Snow. These letters will start to become less visible as the tire wears down. You won’t have reliable snow traction on the tire when the letter S isn’t visible anymore. These Tuned Performance indicators on the tire are much easier to read.

On the other hand, the Visual Alignment Indicators of the Michelin Premier LTX Tire are positioned on both the inside and outside shoulders of the tread pattern. Finally, the tire has an extremely long tread life.


  • Even at higher speeds, this tire offers outstanding hydroplaning resistance
  • This model also provides excellent handling and braking on dry pavement
  • Smooth ride quality of your BMW X5
  • The LTX gives supremely quiet when driving your BMW X5
  • has a great and long tread life
  • Comes with a good treadwear warranty
  • In the category, the LTX is among the best in Light-snow traction
  • For improved fuel economy, this model will provide your BMW X5 with Low-rolling resistance


  • Produces thumping noise when it hits larger potholes

8. Pirelli Scorpion Verde All-Season Run Flat

Pirelli Scorpion Verde All-Season Run-Flat

The Scorpion Verde All-Season Run Flat tire is the newest member in their ultra-high performance all-season tire lineup of Pirelli. The Scorpion Verde All-Season Run Flat tire is built to deliver precision handling. Its other features are shorter stopping power and increased dry/wet traction. The tire has been engineered for enthusiasts of sport coupes and high-performance sedans. The tire is equipped with an advanced all-season tread compound. This tread compound is filled up with silica and polymers. The function of these is to provide a firm grip on both dry and wet pavement.

The tire is also designed with four circumferential grooves and lateral sipes. When these grooves and sipes are combined with the silica and polymer compound, they deliver excellent traction on wet streets and highways. This compound in the tire also allows for shorter braking distances. And this is an added advantage for this tire.

The hydroplane resistance of the tire is quite impressive. This is so especially when the tire is pushed to the limits. Once you fit your BMW X5 with these tires, you feel very much in control at all times. Just like on any other tire, Pirelli has added winter siping into the inner tread blocks of the Scorpion Verde All-Season Run Flat tire. This has been done for increased grip.

It is engineered with an asymmetric tread pattern. They are also designed with variable-sized tread elements. The function of these elements is to assist in eliminating loud road noise.

These features provide an added comfort. The tire is also designed with a continuous center rib. The function of this center rib is to provide a good steering response and road feel. On the other, the Pirelli tire company has provided many tire sizes.


  • This model offers outstanding wet traction and braking
  • It also provides excellent handling performance
  • The steering response of this tire is also impressive


  • This Pirelli tire is not good in deep snow


Q. Do I Require a Professional Mechanic to Install the Tire?

A. Yes you do. It’s best to seek professional help if you have little knowledge of how to install the tires. But it’s also possible to change your own tires if you have the right tools.

Q. When is the Best Time to Change my Tires?

A. Three to four years is the recommended period but you are advised to be replacing your tires frequently if you drive on wet roads.

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All the tires listed above are equally recommended. They are all durable products and they provide quality performance without sacrificing fuel. Protection Status