Best Low Profile Tires

The first time Low Profile Tires were made was back in the 60s. They were designed to be high-performance tires and the P7 was the first of its kind. After this, other well-known automobile brands like BMW, Mercedes, Audi, and Porsche adopted this tire on their sports cars. As time went by, these automobile companies started using the low-profile Tires on the mainstream market, i.e. on sedans and high-end cars.

When it comes to buying a brand new set of low profile tires for yourself, you need to be able to tell the difference between regular tires and low profile tires. This is for a fact that not all tires are manufactured in the same way. All tires come with a code printed on their sidewalls. These codes signify the tires aspect ratio that describes the tires’ width against its height.

What to Consider before buying a Low Profile Tire

Depending on the type of low-profile tire you want to purchase, there are things you must consider. These things can either be negative or positive. You must look at how the tire handles your car, fuel efficiency, weather performance, ride quality, speedometer accuracy, and the level of noise it produces.

A. Tire type

Just like other tires, Low-profile tires are also sold in four categories.

All-season Type

The all-season type of low-profile tires is designed to deliver grip and confidence handling regardless of the season. This type is designed to give you comfort without producing much noise when driving. In the All-season tires, tread patterns are designed symmetrically. They are also equipped with grooves and sipes to channel away water.

Summer type

These tires are designed with fewer treads because they only perform best in warmer weather climates. For optimum grip on the road, they are designed with wide contact patches. But this doesn’t mean they can’t be used in both wet and dry weather.

Winter type

There are some low-profile winter tires on the market. You will probably want to buy yourself a set of winter tires when the snow and ice start falling. These tires are either studded or not. They are designed with deep treads and grooves. The function of these is to expel slush away from the tires’ contact patches. Low-profile winter tires are also engineered with soft rubber compounds. The function of these is to stick to the road even as the temperature goes down.

Touring type

Just like other touring tires, some low-profile profiles are designed for luxury. They are designed in a way that you won’t feel the bumps and imperfections when driving on the road.

B. Low Profile Tire Size

For all vehicles, the size of the tires fixed matters. You have to makes sure they fit your car before you make any purchase. Every tire has dimensions that describe the width, the height of it’s redial or not. They also describe the wheel diameter, load rating, and speed rating. This is something you must consult your tire dealer before you buy a low-profile tire.

C. The index of the load

The load index is a representation of the weight capacity a single tire can handle. Choose a tire that is high if your car has a load index of 1047 pounds. Always make sure to get a tire with a high load index.

D. UTQG Rating

Three figures are composed of this rating, two-letter denomination, and one numerical figure. Treadwear is represented by the numerical figure. The tire has durable and loner tread life if the number rating is high. Traction and heat resistance are represented by the second and third letters respectively.

E. Rating of speed

In choosing a tire that is compatible with the speed rating, then you must consider this important feature. Tires with a low-speed rating are not good for high-speed cars. Faster treadwear will be the final result of a mismatched speed rating and vehicle specifications.

F. Designs of the Tread

All-terrain tires for highways have symmetrical and asymmetrical tread patterns. Less rolling resistance and more fuel efficiency are ensured by symmetrical tread patterns. On the other hand, asymmetrical tires provide a great balance between effective hydroplaning resistance, wet traction, and rigid to increase resistance against treadwear.

G. Depth void

The self-cleaning mechanism is provided by a wider and deeper void. A tire has a free flow of water and mud for this feature.

H. Tough sidewalls

This feature enables effective and stable riding of the all-terrain tire for highway

Best Low Profile Low Profile Tires of 2021

1. The Kumho Ecsta AST All-Season Tire

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Even though they are best used for dry conditions, these tires are quite similar to the Solus model of Kumho. They have almost the same summer season features. There are various models of Kumho Ecsta AST All-Season tires available, and these are the passenger and touring tires. In dry weather conditions, all Ecsta tires do seem to fare much better when compared to wintery and super-wet conditions.

The Ecsta tires receive higher than average ratings when it comes to high temperatures and dry roads. These tires are very stable and are easy to control. These tires are highly responsive to braking. The fact that their internal structure features twin steel belts, their stability comes as no surprise. These belts they are equipped with are strengthened by spirally wrapped nylon. They are also designed with a polyester cord ply casing. This Kumho casing is strengthened by hard sidewall filler. This makes the Ecsta tires steady at high speeds and while cornering.

Even though these tires also perform well in wet conditions, they are not that good on snowy and icy roads. We understand this might not give much of a problem, as it’s always better to use winter tires during extreme weather conditions. On a more positive note, the Ecsta tires handle some light snow and a little bit of ice as well.


  • This Kumho model is engineered with a 3D dimple design that reduces heat build-up on tread blocks
  • The AST is also equipped with a solid rib center and lateral grooves that promote block stiffness and wet braking
  • The fact that it’s an all-season tire, it is designed with four wide circumferential grooves +
  • The tire company has also included microgrooves that further improve wet handling and hydroplaning resistance


  • Wears out after long use on the road

2. Michelin Premier A/S Tire

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When it comes to the Low Profile Tires, the Premier A/S is at least the closest tire to perfection. Even though the tread compound is an all-season one, Michelin managed to inject the tire with some truly excellent handling. And even though the cornering grip isn’t on the level of performance tires, this tire comes very close. And, you might never tell the difference on the street. On a more positive note, the Premier A/S is favorable in terms of grip and traction when compared to other grand-touring all-season tires. They also offer great responsiveness and a steering feel.

In this category, this low-profile tire is even more impressive when comes to wet traction. This model is quite the best. It is also equipped with the EverTread technology on top of that. The function of this technology is to widen the grooves on the tire as it wears down. Like this, the wet traction is kept intact. We, therefore, recommend the Premier A/S as a winter tire because it manages to provide you with some winter traction. The Premier A/S is also very quiet and comfortable despite the focus on performance, like almost every other Michelin tire. That said, the Premier A/S comes with a 60,000-mile treadwear warranty. But this Treadwear is shorter than the competition, and the price is the highest in the category.


  • The handling ability is outstanding
  • Grip and traction is exceptional
  • High-speed stability is excellent
  • Wet traction and braking is very good
  • 60, 000-mile tread wear is excellent


  • It cost a lot more than other tires of its size and type

3. Michelin Premier LTX Tire

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Michelin designed the Premier LTX as an all-season tire. This model from Michelin was engineered for light pickups, vans, crossovers, and SUVs. Like the Michelin Premier A/S tire, this tire is a low-profile tire.

On both dry and wet roads this tire performs amazingly well. You get great driving control with them. This is so because they are easy to handle. It is highly responsive to steering and cornering. These are the ideal tires when it comes to day-to-day driving for crossovers, pickups, light-duty vans, and SUVs.

Like the sister model, the Premier A/S tire, it also performs well in wet conditions. in the rain, these tires drive smoothly and quietly. The braking distance is okay and the tire will stop quickly and efficiently on the road. And even in wet conditions, they’re easy to steer. This is thanks to the EverGrip tech that the Premier LTX tires are equipped with.

These are all-season tires and not winter tires. This means that with no issues, they can handle light snow and moderately cold temperatures. But this doesn’t mean they were designed for heavy snowfall, black ice, and extremely cold weather.

They are equipped with a rubber thread that stiffens during extremely cold temperatures. This feature affects how the tire drives, brakes, and corners. So, you need winter tires for the entire winter if you live in an area where winters get seriously cold and snowy.

The Michelin Premier LTX tires don’t disappoint when it comes to smooth and comfortable rides. The material of the rubber which is silica and sunflower oil and the internal structure of the tire are the two reasons for this. The function of these is to allow the tire to be super-strong and durable. There other functions providing flexibility and slightly soft during lower temperatures.

When it comes to comfort and noise level, the internal structure of the tire also plays a huge role. Just like other tires, the Premier LTX is equipped with twin steel belts that sit under polyester casing ply. These belts are strengthened with a spirally wrapped polyamide cord. The function of this cord is to ensure that the tire is strong, durable, and safe. This cord also provides a comfortable and steady ride on the road.

Michelin has equipped the Premier LTX with a 60,000-mile tread life warranty. The Premier LTX tire uniformity is guaranteed for the first year (first 2/32″ of wear). But thanks to its tread design, the tire is durable. This tread design for the Premier LTX evolves as the tire wears down. This is done to maintain traction and good grip. When the tire wears down, grooves widen and new ones come out.


  • This model is equipped with EverGrip technology which allows it to maintain a high level of traction even when worn out.
  • It is also engineered with a lot of silica in the tire compound. This feature provides an excellent wet grip.
  • The Premier LTX is designed with Sunflower oil in the tire compound. This oil allows the tire to be flexible at lower temperatures.
  • Designed with perfect even-blended materials that help the tire keep its traction and grip as it wears out.


  • They don’t perform accordingly when they start wearing out

4. Continental Extreme Contact All-Season Radial Tire

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This is an ultra-high performance, all-season Continental tire. Continental designed this model with X-Sipe technology. The function of this technology is to improve braking, cornering, and acceleration in the rain, snow, and ice. This continental tire is an ideal choice for drivers looking for low profile tires. This model offers all-terrain confidence. The handling of Extreme Contact All Season Redial Tire is second to none and that is why it is one of our favorite low profile tires.

The Extreme Contact All-Season Redial Tire is simply outstanding. Extreme Contact Tire is almost telepathically responded to your inputs. They are designed with SportPlus Technology that provides precise handling and security on wet, slippery roads. At the limit, this is one of the most controllable low profile tires. So you won’t have to worry about anything about using these tires. Unlike most high-performance tires, Extreme Contact All Season Redial Tire can be used on the streets.

Extreme Contact All Season Redial Tire is also designed with wide circumferential grooves. These circumferential grooves are equipped with hydro evacuations surface ridges on their inner walls. These features improve wet traction and braking. Confident wet performance is also provided by the high silica content of the Contact All Season. Extreme Contact All Season Redial Tire also has rolling-resistant features. These rolling-resistant features are improved by the optimized casing. Extreme Contact All-Season Redial Tire does all this to improve gas mileage.

Wear performance is also improved by the latest tread polymer technology of the Contact All Season. Extreme Contact All Season Redial Tire is designed with a finely tuned tread pattern that improves steering response. You are advised to be testing Extreme Contact All Season Redial Tire once a month. Occasional inspection is cardinal. This is done to make sure there are no cuts or snags on the sidewalls, and not just because Extreme Contact All Season Redial Tire are good-looking tires.

The tread depth for the Extreme contact Tire is 20 32nds and it is radially constructed. This continental Extreme Contact Tire comes with a 50,000-mile limited mileage warranty.


  • It’s one of the best Low Profile Tires in its class
  • They are designed with SportPlus Technology that provides precise handling and security on wet, slippery roads.
  • The Extreme Contact has a good tread life
  • This continental is less noisy than some of their Low profile Tire competitors.
  • The capability of handling Dick All-Terrain Radial Tire is excellent
  • It has outstanding high-speed stability
  • They can be used in wet conditions


  • It also wears out fast after long use on the road

4. Michelin Pilot Sport 4S 3+ ALL Season Performance Tire

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There is no better choice than the Pilot Sport 4S 3+ if you don’t want to lose comfort at the same time you want to improve the handling. To the max-performance summer lineup, this is the newest addition from Michelin. The Pilot Sport 4S is the most accomplished performance tire on the market right now.

Accumulated water, slush, and snow are quickly removed by the circumferential grooves on the tire. The other function of these grooves is also to reduce the risk of hydroplaning and enhance traction as your car moves through mud puddles. With The Pilot Sport 4S 3+, you will be able to go on that off-road trip you’ve been planning for years.

The Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+ All-Season Tire has been installed with Michelin’s Variable Contact Patch 3.0 Technology. The use of this technology is to evenly distribute all encountered pressure across its surface. On a negative note, The Pilot Sport 4S 3+is not a comfortable tire and produces a significant amount of noise.

Even though the tire might not feel as responsive as tires from other competitors at first, but you will get a good feeling from it. Just like other Michelin Max performance summer tires, the Pilot Sport 4S tire communicates with the driver very well. On a more positive note, the cornering grip of the Pilot Sport 4S provides at an almost racing-level, and the same goes for traction and braking.

Another advantage of the Pilot Sport 4S Tire is that it continues to impress on wet roads. In the rain, it feels much grounded on the road. This means that it will give you the ability to push forward. The Pilot Sport 4S from Michelin is equipped with a 30,000-mile treadwear warranty. This would be great if it was slightly cheaper.


  • The handling ability is outstanding
  • Grip and traction is exceptional
  • High-speed stability is excellent
  • Wet traction and braking is very good
  • 30, 000-mile tread wear is excellent


  • It cost a lot more than other tires of its size and type

6. Lionhart LH-Five Tires

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These are the best Performance tires from Lionhart. For performance car drivers, the LH-Five is a very popular option. With adequate steering responsiveness and short braking distances, this tire offers a great grip in dry conditions. On a negative note, in the category, wet traction is far off the pace, and tread life also isn’t very impressive. This all-season tire has an extra-wide stance. The function of this is to give you a larger contact patch with the road. The Lionhart LH-Five all-season tire has four wide circumferential grooves for wet road traction. The use of these grooves is to feed to wide siping on both of the outer tread blocks for maximum water channeling. The unique tread pattern of the tire across its face creates a smooth ride.


  • Provides good grip and handling on dry roads
  • Available in many sizes
  • These are very cheap Low profile tires
  • 30,000-mile treadwear warranty


  • Has limited wet traction
  • The Treadlife of this Tire isn’t very impressive

7. Goodyear Eagle GT II Radial Tire

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You will be impressed with the performance of the Eagle GT II Redial Tire on dry roads. The tire feels very responsive and communicates well with the driver behind the wheel. Moreover, the cornering grip of the Eagle GT II Redial Tire is better than what you would get on most grand-touring tires. And the braking of this model is impressive as well. Outstanding tire stability is also provided by the Eagle GT II Redial Tire. This tire also provides the driver with stability that is way beyond the speed limit.

On wet roads, the excellent dry performance doesn’t transmit. In the rain, the tire still feels eager. On the other hand, it doesn’t possess enough traction to give the driver confidence to push forward. The tire understeer sooner when compared with other high-performance all-season tires and it doesn’t stop as shortly. And in rainy conditions, some modern grand-touring tires work better than the Eagle GT II Redial Tire. Ultimately, the tire is not so bad in rainy weather.

In the tire’s attempt for class dominance, snow traction is another thorn it has. For confident driving over snow, the tire simply lacks enough traction and especially over deep snow. Even for an all-season tire, the braking distances are very long.

Even though some sizes fit crossovers and SUVs, Goodyear didn’t design the Eagle GT II Redial Tire for off-roading. For driving over slippery surfaces, this tire simply lacks enough tread depth. The compound for this model isn’t protected from cuts, chips, and punctures. Provided you will be careful not to hit sharp rocks, you can use it for a few miles on gravel if you insist.

The Eagle GT II Redial Tire redeems itself in the comfort testing. Moreover, while it’s certainly not the quietest tire out there, noise isn’t a real issue at low profile tire speeds.


  • It’s one of the best in class for car drifting
  • The capability of handling is excellent
  • It has outstanding high-speed stability
  • They can be used in wet conditions


Q. How does it Feel Driving a Sports Car on a low-profile tire?

A. First of all, low profile tires designed tires have the lowest tread groove on the market. The purpose of this design is to increase the hold they have on the surface. Their middle ribs are sturdy with a stiff rubbed. These features are for longevity and make the tire stronger.

Q. Is there a Specific Low Profile Tire to Use on My Car?

A. Any model of low profile tire we have described can be used on your car. The crucial part comes with selecting the car to use. At the same time, you are required to choose quality, high-performing, and firm low profile tires.


As you might know, we have included high-quality low profile tires from reputable manufacturers. We recommend all of them but keep in mind that very cheap tires will quickly burst or explode and this is especially true for low profile tires. Do yourself a favor by buying tires from well-recognized manufacturers. Protection Status