8 Best 5W30 Synthetic Oils

Car drivers will agree with me that there are a variety of car oils on the market. The engine requires oil to proper run and it has the role of seeing to it that metal to metal contact is diminished as this would cause harm to the car.

But all in all my role today is to give you the very best of oils that you can go on the market.

At this point in our journey, I now unveil our mighty eight (8) products for the day.

And do note that they are not listed in any particular area but are just randomly placed

  1. Pennzoil 550022689
  2. Liqui Moly 2038
  3. The Royal Purple ROY51530
  4. Mobil 194001
  5. Valvoline VV9556PK
  6. Castro age 03101
  7. The Shell Rotella (5500199210)
  8. MAG 120139

Top 8 Best 5w30 Synthetic Oils of 2021 Reviewed

And now we look at each product in detail.

1. Pennzoil 550022689

This one is very affordable especially if your budget is tight. It is a full platinum synthetic oil. It is about 32 ounce and it is fully synthetic motor oil which is very suitable for gasoline engines.

It does the most in protecting modern turbocharged engines even from the effects of low-speed pre-ignition that maybe because of its high-quality base of oil and another thing is the high-performance formulation that is additive. It gives one’s car engine great protection in that it provides superior lubricant that also cleans engine sludge way better than these conventional oils and those blended.

That is not all it is able to keep the pistons going up to 50% cleaner than when one is using these other types of oil that are on the market.

Moreover, it also gives a better fuel economy that goes up to 550 miles per annum unlike using these not-so-clean oils. It adds on to protect the engine from different weather like cold winters and even hot seasons.


  • It has natural gas
  • It has the ability to keep pistons very clean
  • It has been made for modern turbocharged engines—GF-6, API SP/SP-Resource Conserving
  • It has many recommendations and approvals such as FCA MS-6395 and Chrysler MS-13340
  • Ford WSS-M2C946-B1 and GM dexos1TM Gen 2
  • HONDA/ACURA HTO-06 and Volvo
  • It has all the requirements in check even exceeding some API SN PLUS and API SN-RC
  • ILSAC GF-5 and ACEA A1/B1


  • It is very affordable
  • It has the potency to protect turbocharged engines from things like low-speed pre-ignition effects
  • It gives your engine great protection
  • It keeps your piston a lot more clean going up to 50%
  • It can improve the economy of fuel per annum to 550 miles


  • It is not suitable for diesel engines
  • It is small in quantity with only 32 ounce

2. Liqui Moly 2038

This one is very huge unlike the former we just looked at and it has wide compatibility and this synthetic oil can be used in diesel engines and gas and still be able to deliver top-notch results.

It instantly improves the running of the engine by making it smooth, this maintains optimal pressure in the engine.

It also brings about rapid and instant oil delivery to all parts of the engine even as it is operating or even being started at low temperatures.

Not only that it gives reliable lubrication in all temperatures which are high and low thereby increasing the lifespan of your car engine. It simply has good wear and tears.

It has a major grey area and that is that it doesn’t clean the engine of your car.


  • It has outstanding quality
  • Maximum dynamics used
  • It is in pure motion
  • It is 2 pounds
  • It offers diverse and unique automotive chemicals which include additives, pastes, greases, motor oils, car care, sealants, and even glues.
  • It is produced and developed in Germany
  • It has more than 4,000 items
  • Made with multi-valve technology
  • Made with turbocharging and Valvetronic
  • Very good for long intervals especially between both heavy-duty requirements and oil changes.


  • It is very compatible with diesel and gasoline engines
  • It will better the smooth flow running of your engine
  • It will help in maintaining optimal oil pressure at all levels of speed
  • It will improve the delivery of oil at low temperatures
  • It will protect your device from wear and tear


  • Despite being bigger than the former it is very small
  • It has no potency to clean your car engine

Even though this 5W30 motor oil is only compatible with gasoline engines, it performs really well, and can also provide high-performance lubrication in engines running on ethanol fuel blends.

3. The Royal Purple ROY51530

It has very high performance providing protection against any damages that may be caused by the catalyst emission system.

It increases the efficiency of the engine’s fuel and that gives great protection against wear and tear and any form of corrosion that may be encountered.

There is a lot of oil in the pack which is about 160 ounces and this is more than enough for you to do an oil change for your car.

On top of this, the oil increases your engine’s fuel efficiency while also providing better protection against wear and tear in the engine, as well as other forms of corrosion inside.

It has enhanced additive technology that does well in preventing metal to metal contact and it has advanced additive chemistry that has the ability to reduce low-speed pre-ignition.
And honestly, no rust has been observed during the industry testing and you know what that means.


  • It has enhanced additive technology
  • It is a 5 Quart container
  • It has advanced additive chemistry
  • It is a high-performance API licensed motor oil
  • It is both high mileage motor and street oil
  • It has an extreme racing performance


  • It can work for both engines which are running on ethanol fuel blends and gasoline
  • It gives good protection against damages that may be encountered in the catalyst emission system
  • It increases and improves the efficiency of fuel
  • It will help protect against wear and tear as well as corrosion
  • It is a 5 liters quart container


  • It is not suitable for diesel engines

4. Mobil 194001

This one is complete synthetic oil and is about 5 Quart and has been designed to keep your engine properly running by providing extremely good wear protection. It has a good cleaning power not forgetting its performance in general.

It is good and recommendable for use as it meets and also exceeds the industrial requirements. This is the standard equipment and many different brands of vehicles can safely use it without any trouble.

It is advanced and is used as the official motor oil in the Nadavr world and this is because it has very high performance.

It helps the engine to always perform well and it has wear additives which even makes it easy to reduce any friction that may be caused.

It will keep your engine looking new and unused, yes that’s just how good it is. This is because it can remove all manner of sludge that may be present.

It is also a seal conditioner meaning it does the work in preventing leaks and this in turn brings about very reliable lubrication and sadly it is only compatible with has engines.


  • It is 192 ounces
  • It is fully synthetic engine oil that has been advanced
  • Exception wear protection is present
  • It is very high mileage
  • Motor oils present include diesel, bio-based, hybrid, and synthetic to mention but a few
  • Its weight is SAE 5W-30


  • It is a complete synthetic oil
  • It does well in controlling oil breakdown
  • It is a large quantity container
  • It also prevents oil leaks
  • It gets rid of both sludge and varnish
  • It plays a front role in preventing sludge and deposits from building up and thereby bringing about a long life
  • It gives good lubrication
  • It provides you with excellent wear protection for any driving style
  • It has great oxidation and profound thermal stability
  • It exudes great performance even during the maximum oil change
  • It aids the fuel economy and has low-temperature capabilities
  • It has good frictional properties
  • It reduces the stress that may be encountered on the starting system components


  • It’s compatibility is only with gas engines

5. Valvoline VV9556PK

It is an easy pour 5 Quart bottle and is fully synthetic motor oil and it gives outstanding protection by fighting anything that may cause stress to the engine and this may include wear, deposits, and heat. It is also long-lasting and keeps the engine running at its level best without convenience.

It has an SAE Viscosity rating that shows 5 temperatures and shows 30 when there is a normal operating temperature. And you should know that it costs more than conventional oil.

It has been made with dispersants and detergents that will prevent harmful building up of varnish sludge or other substances. And it has been built with durable were and tear additives that do a great job in protection against wear and friction.
It actually contains a lot of oil and I believe that is why it is pricy and it is packed in 1quart which is 32ounce and comes in a complete six-pack and that will allow you to get 192 ounces altogether.

It has been well equipped to maintain the efficiency of the fuel especially seeing to it that it meets all the necessary requirements for turbocharged and also supercharged engines.
Moreover, it will give you high-temperature protection especially when your engine is under high performance and that doesn’t mean that it will not give you protection during low temperatures.

Many people are mostly worried about how the sludge would be handled, well it has a complete varnish and sludge protection that will keep your engine looking clean.


  • It has a weight of SAE 5W-30
  • Base oil and premium chemistry
  • It’s a full synthetic oil
  • It has increased mileage
  • Gives reduced engine wear at very extreme temperatures.


  • It is large
  • It knows how to maintain fuel efficiency without dragging
  • It gives you both low and high-temperature protection
  • It leaves no to for vanish and sludge to stay


  • Sadly it has only been designed for gas engines

6. Castro age 03101

And finally on my number 6 we have this goodie over here. Did I mention that I am listing these products without any biasness? Well, now you know. This is as good as it looks and is not a cheap product. It is a full synthetic oil and this brand is one of those on the market that can be fully trusted.

It has a very advanced engine oil formula it’s a full synthetic oil as I said with edge 03101 not forgetting that it is premium and will give you the best high-performance expectations you may have and even exceed them.

It is highly recommended by most car manufacturers not to forget that it meets all specifications to run effectively.

This is titanium strong and reduces metal to metal contact and it also protects your car engine especially under a lot of pressure.


  • Full synthetic oil
  • Designed to run at a level of optimum with lower viscosity oils
  • It has been certified by API SN/CF, ACEA A3, ACEA B3, ACEA B4, and A3/B4


  • It has extremely superior performance
  • It is able to reduce the engine deposit formation
  • It does well in reducing metal to metal contact.

7. The Shell Rotella (5500199210)

This baby is a completely synthetic and heavy-duty diesel engine. This is a very good option for you to use. It has low ash technology that has many improved multifunction capabilities.
It has the potency to protect your device continuously. It apparently has low Sulphur and phosphorus emission and is very efficient. It is also conducive for any devices that may only operate under hot and cold temperatures.


  • It has API: CK-4 and CJ-4
  • It has CI-4 PLUS and CI-4 and CH-4 is available
  • ACEA E9 and Allison TES 439
  • Caterpillar ECF-2/ECF-3 and Cummins CES 20086; 20081
  • Detroit Fluid Specification (DFS) 93K222 and 93K218


  • It causes less pollution
  • It has made with improved wear performance
  • It has the ability to work even under risky weather
  • It is very multifunctional
  • It has in a great way improved the fuel economy
  • It has an extended drain capability
  • It has excellent shear control
  • It works not only for new version engines but old ones as well
  • It has been made with an improved deposit control


  • The only and major grey area is that it does not meet some engine specifications.
  • Ford WSS-M2C171-F1 and JASO DH-2

8. MAG 120139

It provides the very highest level of engine protection that you may desire and need. It has exceptional resistance even to very high temperatures.

It has proprietary additives that have the duty to prevent sludge formation that may be caused by combustion products or even moisture.

It has been built to prevent the wear of the engine and it actually outperforms the industry requirements. It also exceeds the performance limits by about 65 percent.


  • Advanced technology
  • It has been formulated with synthetic base stocks
  • It is GM DEXO 1in use


  • Affordable when purchased in 3 packs
  • Works great in different types of cars.


  • Make’s slight noise to the engine.
  • It’s sluggish

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best 5w30 Synthetic Oil

Here we now look at the important things to consider when buying your synthetic oil.

1. Do you need a complete synthetic or synthetic with blend oils?

Knowing this will help you know what exactly you need even as you go about buying. For instance, the two listed oils in the subheading are different therefore knowing which one you want will make things easy for you, instead of spending hours at the stores it will only take you minutes, and you are done.

2. How Much money do you have?

You and I know that you can’t buy anything unless you have money. So when you go about looking for which type of oil to buy please kindly make sure that you have enough money least you leave the store feeling frustrated. So to avoid this kindly make sure you have enough more.

3. Your Viscosity grade must be known by you

This is simply knowing how thick or thin your oil is, this is so because when temperatures are high oils tend to become really thin.

You need to know that heavy-duty engines require very thick oils as they play a role in the smooth running of your engine and this also helps in preventing the
Wear and tear of your engine.

4. What Additives have been used in the oil?

Additives are what ingredients or items that make the synthetic oil what it is, these may also be referred to as supplements or products used in the oil.

There are so many additives such as:

  • Anti-foaming agents which are there to prevent the oil from foaming
  • Anti-wear agents and these are materials that increase the life of the engine
  • While Antioxidants are what help in prolonging the life of the oil
  • Dispersants are what build up sludge and also detergents which help in cleaning up the engine, also seeing to it that debris and other unwanted particles are not gained. Dear reader it is good to know that these are only but some of the things you should consider.

They are keen and they will save you time and money, I say money because if you end up buying what you don’t want or need you will have wasted both your time and money so please go through this information.

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And remember to buy products that can survive any harsh weather conditions.

We Now Look At The Frequently Asked Questions With Regards These Products

1. How much are these products?

Well, these products vary from brand to brand but in most cases, they are affordable and won’t require you to sell your kidney.

2. Is there any procedure that I can consider using when changing Amsoil motor oil?

Well, it has no specific requirements.


In conclusion, the best way to easily find what you are looking for is by having the right information. When you have the right information. You are only but a step to getting your desired oil. Not only that we are not in an age that dwells much on barter system the exchanging of goods for goods or services for services and vice versa”. To bring it home my point is that you need money to buy these oils they are not for free my friend.

Otherwise, you have been a great audience and you will do good to see to it that you pick a thing or two from this ocean of knowledge above or you can actually use everything.

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