6 Best Car Audio Batteries

As we commute for work, we hear people playing different kinds of music, be it in a taxi cab, bus or a personal car. But did you know that for a stereo system to be playing in a car, it requires constant power supply?

Well, every car requires constant power supply. And this is made possible by a second battery installed in your car. This second battery is specifically meant to power up your stereo system. So In this article, we are going to look at the best car audio batteries on the market. And these are the power supply batteries that make it possible for you to be jamming to that Kanye west or Adele song in your car. But first we shall look at how the car audio batteries work and the types so that you can see which one will perfectly fit the sound system of your car.

How car audio battery work.

All cars come with an original battery installed for the audio system. But not all original batteries have the high quality of performance for the stereo system that the car owner requires. So you are advised to install a second battery. And this will power up the stereo system even when the engine is off.

Basically there are two options that you have if your stereo system must run on a high performance.

The first option is to replace the original battery. The replacement battery must be bigger but yet fitting on the space of the original battery. And also it must have a higher capacity than the original battery. This option is more efficient and quickly attainable.

The other option is a little more complicated. It requires putting an additional similar battery that acts as a backup. But you will have an added advantage of additional voltage on reserve. That will be more beneficial to you because it will be fixed right next to the car amplifier.

The capacity that has more reserve is the most preferable when you are looking for high energy performance stereo system. This is one of the two most important ratings of a battery. The other one is the CCA, the cranking amp. This helps maintain high performance in cold and unfriendly environments.

When the car is heavily loaded, the battery releases more amps at a time. And this is what Cranking the engine is all about. It’s all about how much a battery can release amps when both the capacity for reserve and the engine are being cranked overtime. The standard measurement for this is per hour of amps. This should means you should look for a car audio battery that has a lot of capacity for reserve.

The only thing that matters is that the replacement battery easily fits the space of the original battery, and also if it can be easily strapped. But be sure that that the replacement battery has more capacity for reserve. Otherwise, it won’t make any difference with the replacement. So you don’t have to worry about the space in your car. As long as the replacement fits, you are ready to play your stereo.

Adding a second battery to a car for high audio system performance

Additional reserve capacity can actually be attained by simply adding an extra battery. Similar batteries with extra reserve capacity, that has the same age and manufactured by the same company yields the best results. The second batteries must have the same manufacturing date as the first battery. This is important to observe because one battery might drain the other. This will also lead to one of your battery overworking more than the other. If this happens then both batteries will not have a long lifespan.

The best way to start the process is by first learning how to wire a second battery in multiple ways.

If you are setting up new batteries that are alike, then you should begin by setting a second battery on the right side. The right side is where the original battery was. Then you connect the remaining one in parallel position. Positioning the other battery in parallel makes it easier to connect the negatives and positives on both batteries. On a safety note, it’s advisable to install the second battery in a battery box. This is because the second battery is required to be installed under the passenger seat. This protects your passengers from ever getting spilled on by battery fluid or being electrocuted.

Speaking of safety, it’s also important to use heavily insulated battery cables. You should observe that the positive cable should have a fuse designed in-line. This fuse must be installed on both the secondary and the original battery. This will provide additional protection.

You must have a good positioning for strapping the two batteries. Strapping to the chassis is more advisable because of its firm grounding. You must not connect the negative terminals if you going to ground both batteries. On the other hand, if you are not going to ground them, then you are advised to connect both negatives. This will help avoid unforeseen battery problems.

You are advised to fix the new battery close to the amplifier. This will help connect the new battery with amplifier directly which will yield the best results. The trunk is the best part of the car to install the new battery with the amplifier. But don’t forget to use an inline fuse type of an amplifier for safety. This should be installed between the amp and the replacement battery.

Types of car audio batteries

Each car has a different sound system that requires a specific amount of power to be supplied. Some second batteries may not work for some cars because of their specifications in their making. So you are advised to know your type of car audio system before you make any car audio battery purchase.

i. Calcium car audio batteries

This type of car audio battery is made up of calcium plates. The calcium plates are not charged at the same time. It is done separately. Scientists have not yet discovered how a calcium car audio battery can be charged at room temperature. The major function of Calcium in this type of a battery to reduce the rate, at which the battery is discharging, Calcium reduces the speed at which the amount of distilled water is lost in the battery.

ii. Deep Cycle car audio batteries

This type of battery in most instances it’s the lead acid type of a battery. This mean that they are equipped with permanent fillers that hold the battery fluids without ever worrying about spilling. The cost of operating this type of battery is very low. This is because they are designed to maintain high performance at a longer period of time without frequent charging. This also prolongs the lifetime of the battery. The deep cycle audio battery is installed with thick plates. The thick plates help the charging capacity of the battery to increase. On the downfall part, the deep cycle discharge at a very faster rate.

iii. Wet Cell car audio batteries

Wet cell car audio batteries don’t require frequent adding of distilled water. This is because they are designed to be are spill-proof. The plates are well covered even though they are placed in the distilled water. This feature makes them one of the best cars audio AGM type of batteries because they are maintenance-free. This reduces the cost of maintenance of the battery.

Iv.The Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid car audio battery (VRLA)

This type of battery is equipped with a limited amount of acid in the separators of the plates. The logic behind this design is to allow oxygen to regenerate in the battery cell. VRLAs are also installed with permanent fillers that provide safety during operation. These features blokes the fluid from ever spilling out. In the case of battery malfunctions, you can easily replace them without ever worrying about the fluids spilling on you.

v. Lithium-Ion car audio battery.

This battery was commercialized by Sony in the 1980s. They don’t affect the memory of the cells besides LFP, and most of them have an energy density between 100W and 265W. The amount of energy this type of battery stores is what makes it the most expensive. This makes mass production to be so limited because not many vehicles use these types of battery. They are popular in the vehicles for the defense and aerospace industry.

Best Car Audio Batteries Reviews & Recommendations of 2021

1. The Kinetik HC600 BLU Series car audio battery.

The Kinetik HC600 BLU Series car audio battery

The Kinetik car audio system batteries where designed to deliver more power than most of the audio batteries out there. This is the batteries spec of top notch when it comes to powering the system. The Kinetik HC600 was designed to power up both your car audio system. It has the capacity to power up the audio system with the engine at once. It’s the AGM type of a battery. This means that that its maintenance frees. Lasting long and increasing the performance of the audio system in your car. It has a light weight feature which makes it easier for portability.

This type of a battery is the best when it comes to battery replacement for an old car battery. The Kinetik HC60 can be very useful if you are trying to find the battery that only will fit the space in the car but also improve on the audio system in the car. The fact that it’s the AGM type of the battery, it’s fixed with permanent filler which prevents the leaking of battery fluid. This is a safety precaution already taken by the manufacturer for your easier battery fitting.

The battery is designed with 600 Cranking Amps that make it capable to with cold weather. So it doesn’t matter if you are in a cold unfriendly environment, the Kinetik HC600 will power up your car stereo system. The cranking power is accompanied with an 18 amp hour rating. This implies that the Kinetik HC600 battery is ready to start both the engine and ready to go places at any convenient time, and in all environments. The permanent filler ensures safety when operating the battery and increasing its durability. Overall, the Kinetik HC600-BLU was designed to withstand vibrations and unfriendly temperatures while powering both the engine and the audio system.

The HC60 BLU is also sealed in a plastic case called ABS. the use is to deliver voltage at a very high load. These are packed in the additional plates in the battery. This leads to low ESR in the battery. The function of an ESR is to transition itself into an extra quantity of power and high density. It’s at this is stage where the ABS plastic casing comes in. it seals the whole battery entirely and makes it avoid excess heat. This casing also adds value to the battery strength by resisting vibrations and ensuring that it is maintenance free.


  • It is equipped with an absorbed glass mat for long-lasting.
  • It can handle a car audio system with 600 cranking amps.
  • It has a low ESR.
  • It is equipped with 800 amps. This amount of power improves performance.
  • It comes in a permanent filler design.


  • For it to be adequately charged, it specifically requires an AGM type of battery charger.
  • If the battery is not well maintained, at 700 watts it’s going to experience low and dim lights.

Overall, the Kinetik delivers both high quality and good performance. The HC600 BLU Series provides you’re car stereo with a lot of energy for your all audio needs. Therefore, with no doubt, I recommend it to you.

2. XS POWER D925


This battery is an AGM type. If you have this type of a battery, then you will need the battery that corresponds to its charging power. Like all AGM batteries, the precise charger must be connected if you want it to charge with no problems. If you use a different charger, then it either will not charge or charge but shorten the lifespan of the battery. This battery can run on watts as high as 1,600 without giving you problems with playing your music.

When this battery is installed in your car, not only will it power your car audio but also provide adequate energy for lighting. It takes care of your dimming lights while playing your car audio in high or notes.

It has a lightweight and its moderate in size. This feature makes it fit in any car. You can easily connect your battery cables without encountering any problems. And because of its size you can easily connect the whole audio system in time without any professional help. All you need to do is add the new battery to the original one and connect them parallel. Then you should add the alternator that has been wired big. This alternator must have a higher output and JS is an example. Once this is set, you are now ready to play your music on your car stereo.


  • You just need three hours to recharge the battery.
  • It can hold up to a 100A charging rate.
  • This battery has a CCA that is big enough to handle unfriendly temperatures.
  • It is lightweight which makes it capable in many cars


  • It is very expensive.
  • This type of battery doesn’t crank.

It has very attractive features and specifications.it has earned the respect due to it for its performance and I highly recommend it.

3. Kinetik HC800 BLU series

Kinetik HC800 BLU series

The Kinetik HC800 BLU series is designed to hold its place on the road when encountered with opposing forces. It has appealing features. These features make it one of the most adaptable batteries in store. It will easily replace any battery that will die out un expectedly.

Kinetik HC800 BLU series is able to charge at a faster rate. It is able to be fully charge in a 4 to 6 hours period. This recharge rate is very efficient especially when you have no patience but to try your car stereo.it is also easy to mount. It has remarkable flexibility when you are trying to mount it. You will not require professional experience to mount this type of a battery. The fact that it’s an AGM type of a battery; it is installed with permanent filler. So you don’t need to worry about battery fluid spilling on you.

The Kinetik HC800 BLU series been designed to resist opposing forces on the road. It’s able to handle vibrations and any other shock that will come to the vehicle you are driving. Because of its high CCA, the battery is able to perform pretty well in unfriendly temperatures.

It has also been designed through a Combination of both AGM and VRLA. These two combinations make the Kinetik HC800 to function the car audio on both batteries. The first one acts as a reserve power and the other one for cranking. it is advantages of other batteries that allows one application only.

Kinetik HC800 BLU series has a long lifespan. It has been scientifically estimated that it has about 70% lifespan more than the standard second battery. In addition the long lifespan, it also has 400 cycles of stable battery discharge. This is about at 80% more than the standard battery. This provides it with stable but high volts on overtime use of the battery. This makes the Kinetik HC800 BLU series the best battery for backup purposes.


  • Kinetik HC800 BLU series is resistant to vibrations
  • It is also is not affected by unfriendly temperatures.
  • It has a longer life span
  • It is able to fully charge very fast.
  • It is permanently sealed. Meaning that there is no spilling of battery fluids.


  • It has about 170 amps for cranking which is not enough in very cold weather.

4. Stinger SPP1200

Stinger SPP1200

Stinger SPP1200 is an AGM type of battery. This means that it’s maintenance-free. The permanent fillers fixed on top of it prevent spilling of the battery fluids. This design also has a valve that prolongs the battery’s lifespan by three-fold.

Stinger SPP1200 Key has been built on AGM technology. This prevents leakages and spilling of battery fluids. Besides that, the permanent filler leaves no space for any maintenance. This means that it’s maintenance-free. It also has the capability to boosts the quality of power installed in it. This feature makes it one of the most powerful car stereo batteries in store.

The Stinger SPP1200 increases its performance through the valve. This technology protects the owner when fixing the battery by shutting down any leakages of the gas. This makes the battery one leakages for safety on the market.it also has a lifespan three times longer than the standard one.

This battery is designed with calcium plates. It is on both the positive and the negative that the calcium plates are installed. The function of these plates is reducing the rate at which the battery discharges. At the same time, the cranking power is also powered by the power grids from these plates. On the other hand, the battery that powers the car stereo increases the number of watts. This is done by the plates in the battery that produces high-density oxide.

Besides the calcium plates, an alloy of silver and calcium has been added to the battery. The function of the alloy is checking the performance and conductivity of the battery by acting as a cathode. The alloy of calcium and silver adds value to the life of the battery. The internal low- resistance is the final result after the battery has been strengthened by an alloy of the two metals. This all comes down to an increase in power for backup of the car audio system.


  • Stinger SPP1200 resists leaks and spills of fluids.
  • Permanent fillers make it maintenance-free
  • It has a lifespan that is three-fold better than many traditional batteries.
  • The grids and the calcium plates make it possible for the battery to be stored off-season.
  • The levels of power for the battery are outstanding due to the high-density of the oxide.


  • The battery lasts short when exposed to mechanical vibrations.
  • The terminals for communication are very small

5. XS Power XP750

XS Power XP750

This is another incredible battery for the car audio system. The reliable XP750 is designed to deliver high power to your car audio system every time you are operating your stereo sound system. It can perform well even in extreme and unfriendly weather conditions. Its top features include technologies that make it resist factors that cause the battery to fail. This is why XP750 battery is the best.

This XP750 battery has been designed with AGM technology. This is coated in the lead oxide on lead plates that is 99.99% pure. This design makes XP750 more adaptable to extreme unfriendly temperatures.

The XP750 delivers sufficient starting power in unfriendly conditions efficiently. It does not get damaged even in conditions where the charge drops deeply. It also keeps up when used after it has been stored without use for a long time. This feature also makes it resist extreme vibrations.

The XP750 delivers Cold Cranking Amps as high as 600. This makes it deliver fast-starting energy even in extreme weather. For each startup it doesn’t stop, making it one of the best batteries for your car audio system. It is also maintenance-free as it is equipped with a permanent filler. This protects you from the spilling of battery fluids.

Just like other AGM batteries, XP750 is very fast when recharging. This is exactly what you need for your car stereo system. It also has a slow rate of discharge when being used. This is perfect because it does not get damaged when the charge becomes low. When you are about to install, it is designed to be mounted in multiple positions. This is all because of the spill-proof design.


  • The battery has a very high starting power even in extreme temperatures.
  • Its maintenance is maintenance-free.
  • Because of its spill-proof, design it can be mounted in multiple positions.
  • The resistance to vibrations has been improved; about 15 times the common battery.
  • The recharging rate is faster.


  • It may not fit some audio systems because it is slightly specialized.

6. XS Power D1200 XS Series-2

XS Power D1200 XS Series-2

This rechargeable D1200 has made a reputation for itself in the lead acids category. It is equipped with user-friendly features for easy installation and performance of your car audio system. It is a highly durable battery, making it outstanding among its close competition. D1200 is a very powerful car stereo system battery.

XS Power D1200 XS Series easily fits with many APC backup. This will give you a stress-free operation. This function makes it easier when you need to connect your new battery to applications. The discharging rate is also very slow. They will give you no problems especially when you are traveling for a long distance. On the downfall part, it takes a lot of time to be fully charged.

This XS Power D1200 battery is equipped with AGM technology. This makes sure that the plates absorb the acids efficiently. On the other hand, it prevents the battery from spilling. This is a precautious feature from the manufacturer. The CCA allows the battery to operate at any temperature while maintaining optimal performance. This helps it increase the battery’s lifespan. Besides this, you are not required to check the level of distilled water. This is made possible by the valve installed on it which regulates the battery opening.

It is also perfectly designed for rough and unfriendly weather conditions. This feature ensures durability. The battery is also not heavy, which makes installation very easy. This is also made simple by its user-friendly features because it only takes a short time to get your car audio system running.

This battery is equipped with some of the best terminals. These terminals are ABS plastics that are non-conducive. They work pretty well in unfriendly environments due to this system of the casing. You can also handle this material with your hands without causing any harm. You don’t have to worry about the spilling of the battery fluids.

XS Power D1200 XS Series is easy to set up. It is equipped with user-friendly functions, making it one of the best car audio batteries on the market.


  • It has been designed with the technology for slow self-discharging.
  • Operates in extreme temperatures.
  • XS Power D1200 XS Series is maintenance-free.
  • The battery allows easy setup which makes it durable.
  • It is enclosed in an ABS plastic which non-conducive. This makes it highly resistant to heat.


  • It gets damaged when stored for long
  • The battery requires a lot of time more to be 100% fully charged as compared with traditional batteries.


Do I still need to replace the car audio battery that came with the car?

.YES. the car audio batteries listed above are designed for different car audio systems. They carry higher energy to boost up your sound system than the original battery. This will make the bass in your car hit so hard on your speaker. You are advised to install a high output alternator for perfect charging of the battery. Don’t forget to add up a gauge wire for easier and faster charging.

In addition to boosting your sound system, these car audio batteries also provide a solution to dimming batteries or headlights.

Are the most preferable car audio batteries like these available?

You first have to look at the specification of your car batteries before you make any purchase. Do your best to know the specifications of the battery so that will know exactly what to buy. This is because not all batteries can fit in your car.

Some batteries will fit in your car but will not be compatible with your car audio system. so you are advised to refer to the record of some batteries you have had in the past. And if it’s your first car, be sure to have around somebody with experience in-car audio batteries to help you choose the best second car audio battery.


We recommend all six batteries listed above. You will find that most of them are AGM batteries which will make your car audio system boost up with high performance. AGM technology prevents them from leaking or spilling fluids. They also have high CCA that will play even in extremely cold conditions. The batteries come with terminals easier connection to your car audio system. These batteries will not only, power up your sound system but your headlights as well so you don’t have dim lighting.

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