Withings Activite Pop Is Much Better Than Apple Watch

Back at the recent CES event, Withings unveiled the Activité Pop and many perceive it as the perfect rival for the upcoming Apple Watch. Well, the perception of the masses is actually wrong and this is because the Withings Activité Pop it’s not like any other smartwatch.

The wearable accessory is more like a standard watch and it comes with the ability to track the user’s health. In detail, Withings Activité Pop is able to perform motion-tracking; monitor the user’s sleeping patterns and so much more.

In addition to that, the Activité Pop comes with a battery life that can last about 8 months. Clearly, this confirms that the Activité Pop is not a smartwatch but a standard wrist watch with health tracking features.

The Activité Pop is also a beauty as it comes with many colour options for consumers to choose from. To complete the package, the smartwatch is competitively priced at about $149.95.

For a non-smartwatch that is able to compete with the Apple Watch for lesser the cost, the Activité Pop is very stylish and looks better than its ‘ex-rival’.

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