Windows 7 Or Windows 8.1: Should You Upgrade?

When Microsoft launched Windows 8.1, it was met with a mixed reaction and a lot of curiosity since the OS came out with a brand new look and method of use. So, should you upgrade to Windows 8.1 or stick to Windows 7? To know for sure, check out what Windows 8.1 has in store for you.

1. Faster Booting Time
Booting up a machine running on Windows 8.1 will only take 10-15seconds. This is because shutdown and startup behaves in the same manner as hibernation.

2. Less Resources Needed
Windows 8.1 might look complicated but it is not spec-demanding. The OS is fairly lightweight and every task can function without any stutters or lag. Heck, this even improves a laptop’s battery life.

3. Security
In case you are unaware, Microsoft has preloaded Windows 8.1 with tons of security features as a standard hence, making the OS extremely secured in the face of online threats.

4. More Graphs
In Windows 8, opening up Task Manager will offer a more detailed view of the PC’s performance. In simpler terms, there are more graphs for users to study.

5. USB 3.0
Windows 8.1 has support for USB 3.0 and this means that users can enjoy extremely fast transfer speed.

Now that everything is clearer now, would you upgrade to Windows 8.1? Protection Status