What Would Disappoint Fans If Half-Life 3 Comes Out

Is it ever going to come out? With fans pondering of its existence for a while now, they’ve gathered and made some comments about the possible release of Half-Life 3 and what they truly do not wish to see in it.

Some Reddit users displayed general discontent if the game were to include the Gravity Gun. Despite being iconic (and still is), the developer should take into consideration the possible idea of replacing the gun with something else. This may surprise anticipated fans and might just increase the sales performance. There, win-win situation.

Others generally think that the RPG elements would spoil the whole experience of the game, like in the words of one user, “bloody blasted”. Additional features like a brand-new protagonist would be acceptable too, but a cliffhanger ending would be a major turnoff. I guess the same could be applied with experiencing other forms of media, like watching a movie with a cliffhanger ending. It’ll leave viewers (in this case) breathless and skeptical, but if Half-Life 3 really decides to opt for this, they might just probably be trying to leave gamers feeling breathless and wanting for more too. Perhaps that’s the idea. There’s nothing wrong to dream about it, right?

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