What’s The Average Wedding Costs & Common Mistakes

It has been said that on average a wedding comes to the grand total of $26,000. This is an awful lot of cash to spend for what is essentially a big party for one day, albeit it is your big day. But what do you get for this money? Check it out.

• The rings, including engagement ring and wedding bands come to a total cost of $6400, so this is a sizeable chunk out of the $26,000 already.
• Next on the list of spending for the wedding was a deposit of $1300 for the hire of the venue for the wedding.
• There was no music with the hiring of the venue so another $600 deposit for a DJ was paid out.
• The dress for the bride came in at $2000 which is around average, while the shoes cost $250.
• The deposit for the florist was $850, which is an insane amount of money for flowers.
• The deposit for the catering came to $4300 as it wasn’t a huge wedding.
• Wedding dress alterations came it at $60.
• Two makeup trials at $120 and $160, neither of which the bride liked.
• Deposit for photographer was $550 and this was mates rates at that.
• Additional items associated with wedding dress came to $330.
• Another make up trial was $120 but this one was perfect.
• Grooms suit for the wedding was $200.
• Final payment for the venue was $1100.
• Final payment for photographer was $500.
• The marriage license came in at $60.
• Additional costs for tips on the big day was $540.
• Clean up fee for venue was $200. Could have saved this if we had returned next morning to do it ourself.
• Final payment to DJ came to $980.
• Final payment to florist was $1000
• Final payment for catering was $4600, this was for 90 people.
• Nails, pedicure and make up for the bride came to $460.
• The hotel for newlyweds was $410.
• Hotel for one guest came to $220.

So as you can see it all adds up to a tidy sum and in this case that sum was $26,000. What does come out as strange when paying for a wedding is that the actual marriage license, the part that makes you man and wife, was the cheapest item on the list at just $60.

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