Watch Dog 2: Will It Work This Time

A lot of people liked the whole hacking thing with the first Watch Dog game but hacking did not feel like the main skill in the game. The players can often have to shoot their way out of a situation instead of hacking their way out and a lot of people felt that it defeated the purpose of having the hacking mechanic. Then there is Aiden.

After hearing what their fans had to say about the game, Ubisoft decided to give the sequel, Watch Dog 2 a new protagonist. They also added that the game will have less shooting and more hacking. There even seems to have suggested that people can actually play the whole game without having to kill people.

If you are curious about how the game will look like when it arrives, Ubisoft has just released the new gameplay trailer for the game. Some people seems to love what they are seeing right now while other think that this could be another flop. What about you?

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