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Volvo S90 Lounge Console Concept


We got to see some interesting concepts at the Beijing Auto Show this week and one of the more unique concepts we saw was from Volvo.

The automaker was at Beijing where they showed off the new Lounge Console Interior concept. The concept is all about luxury and comfort. Their gaol was to create seats that the back passenger would be able to enjpy.

The concept came with a center control panel that extends all the way to the back so that the back passengers can control features like sound system, heated and colled cup holder, massage features and more. To do so, they had to remove the front passenger seat. The missing seat also helo give the back passenger better visibilty and extra space.

To make things even more luxurious. Volvo fitted in a refrigeration under the armrest along with crystall glass. It is believe that the concept will be the base for the interior design on the Volvo S90 Excellence

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