Tesla Looking To Save Themselves From More Autopilot Problem

Tesla seems to be getting in a lot of trouble ever since they introduce the Autopilot system. New reports are now suggesting that Tesla might have a way to better protect themselves from the drivers now.

According to Electrek, Tesla will be upgrading it Autopilot system giving it a new safety restriction. They will be modifying the abort procedure of the Autopilot system.

In the past, the system will alert the driver to keep the pressure on the steering. If they fail to do so, the system will begin its 15second countdown by slowing the vehicle down and reminding the driver to place their hands on the wheel before the system will resume.

The new update will be using the same procedure but instead of resuming the system right away, the system will now block the driver from using the Autopilot system. To get it back on, the driver will have to stop the car, and put it in the park to get it back on.

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