Steam Winter Sale 2016: History Repeating Itself

We know that there definitely is going to be a Steam Winter Sale this year but what we do not know is when the Steam Winter sale will start but it looks like Paypal got us covered once more.

Earlier this year, PayPal accidentally revealed the starting date of the Steam Summer Sale and now, they did the same to the Steam Winter Sales. We are beginning to feel like this might not be an accident anymore but we are not complaining although if we were Valve, we would stop letting PayPal know if we really wanted it to be a secret.

According to PayPal, the Steam Winter Sale 2016 will be starting on the 22nd of December. We still do not know the exact time yet but it is estimated to be around 1 pm E.T.

What are some of the games that you are hoping to get from the sales this year? Protection Status