Sony Xperia Z6 Quietly Slipped Away

Sony did not mention anything about killing off the Sony Xperia Z series. In fact, some people still believe that the Sony Xperia Z6 is still part of Sony plan but looking at what Sony is offering right now, we might not be seeing the Sony Xperia Z6 at all.

With the kind of response they got with the Sony Xperia Z5, you would think that Sony would be working even harder to come out with an even more impressive model this year but so far, the only ones we have seen is the new Sony Xperia X series which was announced at MWC this year.

At that time, we thought that Sony did not want to compete with the LG G5 and Samsung Galaxy S7 and that is why they decided not to unveil the Xperia Z6 but with so little news about the Xperia Z6, it does feel like Sony might have quietly killed it off.

Steven Estevez

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