Shadow of Mordor 2: Where Did It Go

With all the talk about the Shadow of Mordor 2 before E3, you would think that the game would have been announced at the show but that did not happen and since then, it was like the game just disappeared into thin air.

To be fair, the developers never really did confirm that they were working on a sequel but fans believed that the developers were working on one after the game was listed on the resume of a stunt actress. We do not know of that was a mistake or a hoax but the fans seem to believe that a sequel should be arriving in the near future.

Some players also pointed out that the Shadow of Mordor developers hinted that they wanted to do something more with the Nemesis system which means the Shadow of Mordor 2 might come with a few more interesting new features.

We have not heard from Warner Bros yet so there is very little details about whether a sequel is in the making or not. Hopefully, more details will be dropped soon.

Steven Estevez

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