Shadow of Mordor 2: Is This It?

Fans of the Shadow of Mordor game have been waiting for Monolith or Warner Bros to give them something to chew on but so far, all we got were a few bits of rumors and leaks here and there. The last big news about the game was when it was spotted in the resume of a stunt actress.

Warner Bros has now announced that they will have something exciting to announce next month. While they did not say what it is about, some fans are saying that it might be the Shadow of Mordor 2 announcement.

Although the developer has never said anything about working on a new Shadow of Mordor game, most fans believe that there will be based on the ending of the first game.

Others think that the announcement might be related to Batman as the style of the logo felt more DC than Shadow of Mordor. Whatever it is, we will have to wait until the 8th of March to find out. Protection Status