Scion FR-S: Don’t Think About Selling It

With what the Scion FR-S has to offer, the vehicle is one great model to drive in but if you can forget about selling it off after a few years of driving. The Scion FR-S is known for its bad resale value and it looks like things are going from bad to worst as owners reports that the Scion FR-S continues to depreciate. Why is it so?

Some people believe that it is because this car is not rare even though they are fun to drive so it won’t be hard for the consumers to find. The fact that Scion continues to pump out newer and better models does not help as well.

Other believes that is because a new facelifted version might be coming out soon and because of that the older model value dropped even further. Since the vehicle only appeals to a specific niche, it is easy to see why the resale value of the car is so low.

So if you are looking to get the Scion FR-S, just enjoy it and forget about selling it for now. Protection Status