Samsung Gear S3 Double Up On Controls

We know that Samsung will be revealing their new Samsung Galaxy S3 smartwatch this year but nobody knew how the smartwatch will look like until now.

The image was leaked by Illumishield, a screen protector company. The images looked like it might be advertisement prints for their Samsung Gear S3 screen protector. If the smartwatch in the image is indeed the Samsung Gear S3, it looks like it will now come with the original rotating bezel as well as a crown button on the side.

We do not know why Samsung wants to add another control button on the smartwatch but maybe they felt that the rotating bezel was not enough. Of course, this images could be a fake as well.

Some fans seem to think that they are just placeholder put in place until Samsung officially announces their Samsung Gear S3. You be the judge. Check out the images here.

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