Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Will Take Aim At Pro 4

We will be hearing more about Samsung’s new Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 tablet at the Mobile World Congress this year but before that happens, a new leak image might give us a better insight on what to expect from the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 when it arrives.

The leaked image suggests that the device could be coming with a keyboard turning it into a mini laptop. It is believed that the device will be sporting a 9.6inch AMOLED display screen and that it will be running on the Snapdragon 820 processor with 4GB RAM with a few storage option.

The image showed that Samsung will be keeping the over home button on the device which should also work as a fingerprint reader here. More details will be revealed when Samsung starts talking about it at the Mobile World Congress later this week.

What else are you hoping to hear from Samsung this year? Protection Status