Samsung Galaxy S8: Taking Less Risks Than Note 7

Samsung did not hold anything back when they created the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and it would have been the perfect smartphone to own if not for the exploding batteries. However, if you were hoping that Samsung will try to replicate that with their Samsung Galaxy S8, think again.

Some fans were hoping that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 will also sport the same large size battery that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 had offered by new reports by The Investor are saying that Samsung will keep it small this time reducing the battery size of the standard model to 3000mah while the bigger model will sport of 3500mAh battery only.

It looks like Samsung wants to play it a little safer for the time being while they slowly try to gain the confidence of their fans once more. They also made some changes to their battery supply line to make sure the same issue does not come back to haunt them. Protection Status