Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Has A New Idea On Size

We do not know if Samsung is still trying to fill in the gap the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 left last year but new rumor suggests that the Samsung Galaxy S8 might come with a large size version that will ensure that nobody will be missing the Note 7.

According to the latest report, Samsung will be releasing a new Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus alongside the standard model and that the new model will come with a 6..2inch curved display screen.

It is said that the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus will measure at 152.38 x 78.51 x 7.94mm which means the new model will be a lot wider and taller than the current S7 Edge model.

There were also talk about the devices coming without a home button but all of these are just rumors and speculations right now. Hopefully, Samsung will be at the Mobile World Congress to clear things up this year. Protection Status