Samsung Galaxy S8: Last Minute Worries?

Even though Samsung have not revealed anything about the Samsung Galaxy S8 yet, there have been more than enough leaks and rumors out there to give us a clear picture of what to expect from Samsung this year.

Earlier report suggests that the new Samsung Galaxy S8 will be coming in without a physical home button. Since users have been asking Samsung to get rid of it for some time now, nobody is really made about that upgrade.

Initial rumors suggest that the home button might be embedded into the display which is great but new reports from the Wall Street Journal suggest that instead of having the home button on the display, Samsung will be moving the button to the back.

We know LG have been offering their smartphone with a back home button for some time now, Samsung fans are accustomed to having the button in the front and we do not know how this upgrade will affect their view on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8.

It is also believed that Samsung will be keeping the headphone jack and that they will be getting rid of the standard non-curved screen model. Protection Status