Samsung Galaxy S6: iPhone 6 Has Lost It

The latest Samsung Galaxy S6 is truly an exquisite smartphone to own. Many didn’t expect the Galaxy S6 to be superb after witnessing the arrival of the sixth generation iPhones but the device managed to surprise everyone.

It seems that everything about the Galaxy S6 is perfect. The device came out with a brand new design language that is made up of glass and metal. The processor too is revolutionary and it is rated to be much faster than the common Snapdragon 810 chipset.

The only downside to the Samsung Galaxy S6 is that the battery capacity is slightly smaller than the S5. Also, the S6’s batteries are non-removable and there is no microSD support for the device.

The funny thing is that, every issue with the S6 appears to be a common setup for an iPhone. However, the iPhone 6 was made to be larger than ever which makes them look more like a Samsung. It is as if both Samsung and Apple are trying on each other’s shoes.

Then again, the Apple iPhone 6 is no match for the Samsung Galaxy S6. The latter scored better in design, performance and also battery life. Protection Status