Samsung Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 5S: Fight!

The arrival of the iPhone 6 confirms that everything about the old Apple iPhone 5S has been finalized. The similar can be said for the Samsung Galaxy S5 since Samsung is focusing on the Note 4 and the development of the future Galaxy S6.

Looking at the Samsung Galaxy S5, the smartphone boasts of a 1,920×1080 Full HD resolution, with a 432ppi pixel density. This is definitely sharper than the iPhone 5S display which runs on 1,136×640 resolution. Just from the display specs, the S5 is able to play videos on Full HD resolution while the iPhone 5S can’t.

However, when it comes to build quality, there is no matching the iPhone 5S. The latter is developed with premium materials and metal finish. This makes it super comfortable to hold on to. As for the S5, it is made out of cheap plastic which is terrible in our books. However, we have to applause it for the grip it offers.

Then there is the feud on cameras. We cannot deny the fact that the iPhone has never failed to impress when it comes to shooting pictures. The iPhone 5S has an 8MP rear shooter which performs great. On the pixel front however, they are unable to match the S5’s 16MP rear shooter. Then again, the latter performs sluggishly when focusing, which isn’t an issue for the iPhone 5S.

Finally are the batteries. In this segment, we can’t side with the Apple iPhone 5S at all. The device is simply too miserable in battery life. The S5, on the other hand, boasts a large battery capacity, together with many battery efficient functions to ensure that the device is long lasting.

There you have it. The key battles between the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the iPhone 5S. Both devices are truly powerful but we have to side with the S5 for the victory. After all, there is no point to bragging about a powerful phone if it can’t offer a day of usage without any battery worries.

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