Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Profits Can’t Hide The Truth

Looking at Samsung sales number last year, you would think that it was a pretty decent year for Samsung but the Note 7 scandal did come with a price.

According to Harry Poll’s annual US Reputation Quotient Report, the Samsung brand is now ranked number 49 out of the 100 most visible companies in the US. This is a huge fall from where they were last year. In last year’s report, Samsung was in the top 10 list sitting comfortably at number 7 and this year, they just made it past the 50 line.

Of course, most people believe that the drop in reputation was because of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Things were bad enough when Samsung had to recall it the first time but the problem came back forcing Samsung to recall it the second time and ended up canceling the smartphone altogether.

Of course, if Samsung keeps everything in order this year, we might see them climb back to the top but it won’t be an easy journey for them. Protection Status