Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Can Be Problematic Too

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 might be the best Android smartphone at the moment as it arrived with a large sharp display, high-end specs and also tons of new features to offer. However, that is not to say that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is flawless.

Apparently, the phablet has a small gap circling the screen called the gap-gate that it is a worrying feature as the device tends to vibrate with exaggeration. Then, there is the typical problem where the Wi-Fi is not able to connect smoothly at certain times. The latter is commonly caused by a bug and it should be resolved with a future update.

Even when the Note 4 exhibits world class hardwares, there are times when the phablet actually lags and stutters. The fault here is with the TouchWiz UI, which can be too heavy when running on a densely populated home screen.

The next issue is with battery life. While the Note 4 might offer a larger battery pack, its rich and large display actually causes battery to drain faster. Of course, this can be fixed if users can find the right battery profile.

On a final note, the Note 4 somehow fails to connect via Bluetooth at times. In detail, the Note 4 is reported being unable to detect nearby devices. Like the WI-Fi issue, this is expected to get fixed with a small time update.