Resident Evil 7: Sony To Force VR Down Fans’ Throat

We know that the upcoming Resident Evil 7 game will come with a VR mode but it was always believed that the fans would be able to play the game without the PSVR if they wanted to.

While that is still true, if looks like you will have to wait for a full year if you do not want to play the game in VR mode. Some fans notice that with the PSVR version of the Resident Evil 7 poster, it states in the bottom that the game will be coming in 2017 and that the game will be exclusive to PLaystation VR for 12 months.

That means fans will be forced to get the Sony VR if they plan to play the game next year. We got to admit that that is a really smart way for Sony to get their users to buy the VR headset but it is also frustrating.

After a few disappointing release, the fans were looking forward to the new and promising Resident Evil 7 but they might have to wait for a full year now if they don’t jump on the VR boat.

Steven Estevez

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