Pokemon Snap Could Storm Into Nintendo Switch

Fans of the Pokemon Snap game have been hoping that Nintendo would create a new version of the game. Even though the new Pokemon Sun & Moon does have a feature that is similar to Pokemon Snap, it is not the same since players won’t be able to capture legendaries.

Nintendo has never hinted that they will be building a new Pokemon Snap game but that hs not stop the fans from petitioning so that the company knows that they are begging for one. If the developers does decide to give it the greenlight, maybe we will be able to see it on the new Nintendo Switch console?

While the future of the Pokemon Snap is still unclear, at least the Wii U Virtual Console players will get to enjoy the old version of the game now. The release will be happening on the 5th of January so fans can start snapping away this week.

Fans are certainly getting tired of Nintendo constantly rereleasing the old game. Do you think Nintendo should consider creating a new Pokemon Snap game?

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