Planet Nomads is No Man’s Sky’s Paladins, Fans Not Mad

We saw how angry the Overwatch fans were when the new trailer for the Paladins was released. They all seems to think that Paladins was a copy of the game Overwatch however, the things were a little different for Planet Nomads.

While the fans think that Planet Nomads looked like No Man’s Sky with all the space exploring , planet exploring and building mechanics, they seem to think that it is actually better than No Man’s Sky.

In fact, many of them seem to welcome the game. They are saying that the game looks a lot better than what No Man’s Sky has to offer right now. However, don’t get your hopes too high yet, this could end up being just another No Man’s Sky where the developers failed to live up to all the hype.

Fans are still not too happy that Hello Games failed to deliver them the game that they were promised and Hello Games are still scrambling to get the game fix.

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