Paladins Too Close To Ignore

We understand that most of these characters in the game are just your typical stereotype characters and it could just be a coincidence that the characters in Paladins looked just like the ones we have in Overwatch but to have so many characters with the same abilities is pushing thing a little too far.

Some of the characters that seem to have been ‘stolen’ from the game Overwatch includes Kinessa which is an obvious replica of Widowmaker. Then there is Fernando with his Wall Shield just like the one Reinhard has. Evie ability sounds the same as Mei from Overwatch.

Of course, Blizzard’s characters were not the most original characters either so we can’t really say that they were copying Blizzard but it is clear that they were somewhat inspired but the same things.

From what we can see, the play style is a little different so Paladin might actually offer fans a different gaming experience. Let’s just wait and see.


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