Overwatch: The Crows Holds No Secret

Blizzard has just updated their Overwatch game in time for Halloween and soon after the update was released, somebody posted on Reddit saying that there is an Easter Egg in Junkenstein’s Revenge.

According to the OP, the Easter Egg has something to do with the crows in the map. If you shoot that the crows, the crows will just explode into a cloud of feathers. While most of us thought that it was just a prop, the OP said that there is more to it.

The post has already been removed but some people managed to copy down what it wrote before they took it off.

“You get small series of beeps which then refer to the bricks in the wall on the bridge as the beeps are in binary ( dots and dashes , 1 & 0 accordingly) , me and a couple people heard “the wall” being said by a croaky feminine voice so we then associated it, we just need to figure out the next step and what it leads to, we also don’t know if it is the wall on the bridge or the door as they both stick out to us, we are about to try the door, will keep you all updated.


Well, players have been trying and nobody seems to be able to crack the code. It turned out that there was actually no Easter Egg. Blizzard informs Polygon that it is a false Easter Egg and that no easter egg was added to the Junkenstein’s Revenge map.

Does this meant that there might be Easter Eggs in the other maps?


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