Overwatch: 10,000 People Locked Out

Blizzard has always made it clear that they will ban players if they think that the players are cheating in the game. About 10,000 players have just gotten a taste of that this week.

According to Blizzard Korea, 10,000 Overwatch players have been banned from the game because they were using an aimbot or liking their peers in the game. It is believed that a huge amount of the accounts that used the aimbot were accounts from net cafes in South Korea which can be hacked.

The new hacking method is called nuking whereby the hacker can use a type of DDoS attack on their enemy team. This will cost the enemies game to start lagging and all the hacker needs to do is to kill them off easily.

Those are just one of the many ways to get Blizzard to ban you so the best way to play is always to play it fair and square.

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